Beer Review: Level Up (Idiom Brewing)

Beer Review: Level Up (Idiom Brewing)

Drinking a Level Up by Idiom Brewing while playing Mario Kart 8 on Mario Day

It’s a me – Mario!

We all know our favorite little plump Italian plumber who enjoys jumping on mushrooms that may not be politically correctly named…. thats right…. Luigi!

Er….. wait…. no…. I mean, Mario! Its a me – MARIO!

And of course you know today of all days we are going to do a beer review dedicated to our favorite Goomba buster here on the Nerd Thrillers… I mean… Beer Thrillers. We do love our pop culture and nerd culture and nerdy beer reviews. (As evidenced by the loooooong looooong loooooooooooong list of them, which you’ll find at the end of the article here.) So strap yourselves in, get a big mushroom and grab a nice enjoyable Hefe for this beer review.

Idiom Brewing

I’ve gotten the pleasure of getting to stop at Idiom Brewing a few times now. First time was with my daughters on our Monocacy trip, which you can read about here:

Idiom Brewing is a fantastic little spot along the canal with a great view, great brewery, and wonderful beers.

As per Untappd: Idiom Brewing is a micro brewery located in Frederick Maryland with 247 unique beers and an average Untappd rating of 3.9. (You can currently vote for Idiom Brewing in our March Madness tournament here: The Brock Lesnar Conference – Round 2 Voting.) They have 52, 997 ratings currently (as of 3.10.22). Their Untappd description reads: Idiom Brewing Co. has a simple goal in mind – To bring people from all walks of life together, to enjoy themselves and each other. Whether you’re a hop head looking for explosively juicy IPAs; are one of the adventurous few looking to try boozy, sour or complex flavors; or you’re just looking to enjoy classic styles and seasonal favorites, we’ll have a little something here for you!

You can find their website here: Idiom and their Facebook here: Idiom Brewing on Facebook.

Now that we know who made the beer, let’s get into the beer review.

Beer Review

Level Up by Idiom Brewing

Beer: Level Up
Brewery: Idiom Brewing
Style: Wheat Beer – Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 12
Untappd Description: Brewed with 60% white wheat and a touch of honey malt then fermented a touch warmer than typical for the style to balance the ester profile between clove and banana. Super smooth, super creamy with a clean finish and light bitterness.

First, I will acknowledge the picture above wasn’t the best… but it was after a few breweries and while trying to take a picture with my Switch in the background which I only had as the mobile tablet part and not tethered to a TV. So it goes.

(Ya’ll never came here for the pictures anyway right? Just my nice pretty words.)

But, lets start with the look of it. It is a beautiful golden Hefe orange hue. Light yellow percolating with the orange golden vibes you can get from a pretty hefe. It straddles the border of transparent and opaque with a cloudy turbulent look, but with some transparency to it. Some cloud and sediment but nothing on the ‘yeasty everywhere’ side of things.

Smell is a lovely Hefe banana and clove aroma. That distinct appeal of a hefe’s aroma, where you are given the banana, the clove, the smell of yeast, and wheat, almost like bread being baked on a lovely brisk morning.

This is a very smooth wonderful sipping beer. Extremely tasty and easy to drink down with zero problems. You get your distinct flavors and notes that are the typical of Hefeweizens – the banana, the clove, the yeast, the malt, and the wheat; and they are all done so well here and work in such a good unison. Very good mixture, very good compliment to each other. This is a smooth beer, don’t let any of the bottom sediment (which there was a tiny wee bit of) fool you, this isn’t a cloudy hazy monster or anything like that, there’s not tons of floating yeasties or sediment in it. This drinks smooth, it stays smooth after pouring and is settled, and its a good smooth flowing Hefe that we all know and appreciate and like. There is nothing that is going to absolutely blow your mind about this beer – but no Hefe has really ever done that, and thats not really particularly the point of the style. I enjoy Hefes very much and their one of my favorite styles for their sheer normalcy, wheaty taste, their banana and clove mix, the yeast aroma, and how (to me) simple they are. They taste like what beer can and should taste like. Similar to a good lager or pilsner or similar. A good well rounded, well crafted Hefe is phenomenal in its own right, in its simplicity of style and taste and enjoyment. Perfect backporch beginning of summer sippers. And Idiom knocked it out of the park with that and with this beer and nailed all of that for me. This is definitely a level above some other Hefe’s I’ve had. (See what I did there? Eh… ehh…. nudge, nudge?)

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.81 (as of 3.10.22)

Post Beer Review Wrap-Up

Let’s discuss how often I do pop culture beer reviews and nerd reviews shall we? Haha, I do enjoy them. And actually have quite a few more beers of that vein to do in the near future. (A few Star Wars ones I want to knock out and finish up here on the blog as well.) Also, we are looking to be hitting Brewery Fire in the upcoming days, where we know we’ll be getting some hot nerd beers for the blog too.

But, first, let’s look at all the pop culture beers I’ve covered:

Pop Culture Beer Reviews

As always with these articles, I like to link to all the various pop culture and nerd culture beer reviews we’ve done, and you can find them here below:

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So…. like I’ve said, quite a few ‘nerd culture’ beer reviews. Please be sure to check them out! I hope you’ll like them!

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