Impromptu Two-Day Trip to Frederick Maryland

Impromptu Two-Day Trip to Frederick Maryland

Best Farm at Monocacy Battlefield (just outside of Frederick Maryland)

Yesterday was meant to be a simple trip. Had a simple plan. Simple trip idea. And should have been relatively easy to accomplish.

…..But nooooooooooooooooope. Things definitely didn’t quite work out that way (do they ever?). Checked with some knowledgeable people online (primarily Tyler Budwash – of Pilger Ruh Brewing; who is a big Civil War battlefield buff and brewery buff) about the Monocacy Battlefield as well as nearby breweries. So I figured out the itinerary (roughly) to go; leave at 10:30AM, get there at 12-noon, when Idiom Brewing would open up. Eat lunch there with the girls, do the battlefield until about 4:30PM/5PM and then go to another brewery for dinner, then be able to drop my oldest daughter off at a sleepover in Lemoyne, and take my two younger daughters for some putt-putt (Mini Golf for the layman) and call it a day. A nice, fun, family day trip vacation.

There is a LOT of good breweries in the Frederick Maryland area. Idiom Brewing, Midnight Run Brewing, Rockwell Brewing, Smoketown Brewing, Attaboy Beer, Monocacy Brewing, and many more.

We were probably going to hit just two breweries – Idiom Brewing for lunch and then most likely Midnight Run Brewing for dinner. BUT…. like I said, nothing ever seems to work out quite right.

So what started as a one-day trip, with clear target times… lasted two days, two full days (only got home at 10PM tonight), and resulted in quite possibly one of the most interesting one (turn two) day trips I’ve done in a long time.

Idiom Brewing Company logo

In the past, when I’ve done multi-day trips (like my August trip with my daughters) I broke it down per day, and gave three day reports. Given the nature of how this trip went down, I’m going to just make it a single blog article about both days (especially since I’m also doing this post as well). Since all of day two was impromptu, its all a bonus anyway! What started out as probably doing a brewery review Friday night when I got home from all of the trip, and got my youngest two to sleep, has now turned into a full on report of the trip.

And no, I’m not going to give you spoilers about what all happened and why it ended up turning into a two day trip. You’ll just have to read on yourself to find out why! (Don’t worry, I don’t think you will be disappointed and most likely will be able to get a laugh or two at my expense.)

Until then everyone, cheers!

-B. Kline

Monocacy Battlefield – Best Farm

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