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The Final Four

This is the final week (the last few days) of voting for The Battle of the Breweries (2023), and I said that one per day, I would cover each of the final contestants. First up is Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery. Tomorrow we will be covering Allusion Brewing Company, and then AleCraft Brewing Company, and finally Mad Chef Brewing.

You can vote in the tournament here: The Battle of the Breweries (2023) – Finals Fatal Four Way.

In this article we are going to discuss Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery as a whole, then discuss how they did in this year’s tournament, and offer links to all of our related articles, as well as a history of the tournament this year.

Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery

Tattered Flag Brewery and Still Works – Veteran Craft

First, let’s start with the words straight from their own mouth, this is how Tattered Flag describes themselves, from their new Tattered Flag Supply Drop website:

What started as a dream in the mountains of Afghanistan has now become a brand that is recognized for quality and innovation. We are honored to have been named “Simply the Best Brewery” (2019/2020) and “Simply the Best Distillery” (2018/2019/2020) in Central Pennsylvania by Harrisburg Magazine. To check our our full website, including the individual pages for each location, please head to www.tatteredflagbsw.com.

Tattered Flag Supply Drop

(Tattered Flag Supply Drop is their Shipping Service Statewide in Pennsylvania.)

Back in September 2016, Cathy Jordan, a journalist for The Burg newspaper ran an article where she interviewed owner Pat Devlin. (Pat Devlin by the way is a US Veteran, and has even done recent deployments, and been featured on FOX News.)

Hope is a tattered flag, according to a verse by Carl Sandburg, a poem that celebrates the American spirit.

According to Pat Devlin, a U.S. Navy veteran, co-owner and CEO of Tattered Flag Brewery and Still Works, a flag—though tattered—still represents what it once stood for, but with character. And it’s that character that Devlin wants to capture within the brewery, which opened in July.

The business idea brewed inside the heads of owners Pat Devlin, Matt Fritz, Tony DeLellis and Ben Ramsay for many years. The guys have known each since high school and share a common interest in craft beer. Their goal is to provide something you can’t find elsewhere.

Hoist the Flag – Tattered Flag Article in The Burg

The article goes on to mostly discuss the building they are currently in, on Union Street in Middletown, Pennsylvania:

“I traveled a lot and visited hundreds of breweries,” he said. “After my wife and I moved back home, we actually looked at six different locations. When I walked into this building, I just knew this was the place. It was unique.”

That unique find was the 105 year-old Elks building, which means the brewery is stocked with nostalgic charm. The Elks moved out years ago, and, since then, the building has housed a variety of businesses, including a sporting goods store, a florist shop, an upscale men’s clothing store and a shoe store. Its basement now hosts an open fermentation space, a brew house, canning line and grain mill. The first floor is a tasting room, while the third floor houses three private party rooms—including the “The Penn State Room” and a three-season room—along with an open kitchen, a stage, seating for more than 240 people and a standing bar.

Hoist the Flag – Tattered Flag Article in The Burg

Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery in Middletown can be located here: 1 S Union St, Middletown, PA 17057.

In August of 2015, PennLive ran an article about the opening and starting up of Tattered Flag in Middletown.

The project received contingent approval from both the Middletown Industrial and Commercial Development Authority and borough council Monday night after an hour-and-a-half presentation and question/answer session in MCSO Hall.

Ramsay, of York, said they worked with marketing and development experts to find a location. “The three top areas were Marysville, Linglestown and Middletown,” Ramsay said.

“When we came to Middletown, the environment we wanted to create and some of the brand we wanted to be just fit with what we are, especially the inside of that building,” Ramsay said.

“All of us have memories of coming to dollar movies here when we were kids,” Ramsay said, referring to the Elks Theatre in the building, which is not part of the deal.

This will not be “just a small-town microbrewery,” Ramsay said. “There are a lot of things with the building we’re going to do.”

Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works to be more than ‘small-town microbrewery’

They further discuss the distillery aspects of Tattered Flag:

They see themselves on the leading edge of the distillery movement, while the number of small craft breweries is already booming in the state. There are 22 distilleries in Pennsylvania, Ramsay said, and one is planned for midtown Harrisburg. There are that many craft breweries and brewpubs in York County alone.

As for brewing experience, partner Pat Devlin said their head brewer and assistant brewer each have more than 10 years brewing experience, and the head brewer has 2.5 years’ commercial experience. Devlin said he has four years brewing experience, and nine months apprenticing in Gettysburg.

Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works to be more than ‘small-town microbrewery’

The article did discuss the four owners and partners of Tattered Flag. As far as I know, now in 2023, the only two that are still partners and owners are Tony and Pat. Their biographies from the article are:

Tony DeLellis of Marysville is an Elizabethtown College graduate who has worked three years in the mortgage industry. He was previously a teacher, and is a regional church planner.

Pat Devlin of Mechanicsburg, who completed a 10-year stint in the Navy last September, is a Penn State graduate. He has six years’ experience in the food industry, and is apprenticing as a brewer in Gettysburg.

Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works to be more than ‘small-town microbrewery’

Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery opened their Middletown location in July of 2016, a veteran owned business, and one of only (roughly) 20 or so such breweries in Pennsylvania. They were the first brewery and distillery to open as a single entity.

Tattered Flag Brewery Information

The following comes from Untappd about Tattered Flag Brewery – they are a micro brewery from Middletown, Pennsylvania, with 632 unique beers, and a global average rating of 3.78 (as of 4.12.23). They have 117,996 ratings. Their Untappd description is currently blank.

You can follow them on the following social media pages:

The Battle of the Breweries (2023)

Here is a look at how Tattered Flag Brewery made it to the Finals Fatal Four Way:

In the Group Stage, they were in Group H of the Chinook Conference. Tattered Flag Brewery and Rusty Rail Brewing Company emerged victorious from Group H. (Tattered Flag Brewery had 76 votes, and Rusty Rail Brewing Company had 75 votes.)

In the Chinook Conference Round of 16, Tattered Flag Brewery (122 votes) defeated Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (86 votes).

In the Chinook Conference Round of 8, Tattered Flag (136 votes) defeated Sly Fox Brewing (96 votes).

In the Chinook Conference Final Four:

In the first match up we had the number 9 seed Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery taking on the number 13 seed Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company. Tattered Flag Brewery came out on top with 140 votes against Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company’s 81 votes.

In the Chinook Conference Finals:

In the Chinook Conference we had number 9 seed – Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery – going up against fellow veteran owned number 10 seed – Cox Brewing Company. Both breweries have been on a tear in the voting, putting up big numbers in each of the last several rounds.

Tattered Flag Brewery put up an absolute dominant performance this round however. (Looking as dominant as Roman Reigns did last night… ….see what I did there… no? … ok….). Tattered Flag Brewery garnered 9358 votes this round. Besting Cox Brewing Company’s 2414 votes. Thats a 6944 vote difference.

They are going to be very tough to beat in the Finals Fatal Four Way.

(See end of article for all of The Battle of the Breweries voting and results pages.)

Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery Related Articles

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Thank You for Reading

I know this post and article was due yesterday, but got very busy with the beautiful weather and the yard work. So the new schedule is now – Tattered Flag (today / now / Wednesday), Allusion Brewing Company (tomorrow / Thursday), AleCraft Brewing Company (Friday), and Mad Chef Brewing (Saturday).

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the four remaining breweries and wish them all the best of luck. I have enjoyed visiting all four of them, and they certainly all rank very highly in my opinion. (Amy has been to three of them with me, and has loved the three she visited as well.)

It is a tremendous honor to get to this point in the competition – out of 160 breweries, we are down to just 4 remaining. Thats amazing to think about, and shows the love and support these breweries have.

Even the conference runner ups put in a tremendous effort and deserve some recognition too. Cox Brewing Company, Von C Breiwng Company, RAR Brewing, and Boneshire Brew Works are all amazing breweries and have loved my (and Amy as well) visits to their breweries.

As well as I want to take the moment to thank all of the 160 breweries that shared, linked, pushed, and helped make this tournament a rousing success. You all blow me away with the love, support, and energy you pour into this – as well as what you pour into your breweries (and, by relation – what you pour into my glass). Thank you all for everything you’ve done!

This tournament has been a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. So thank you to everyone for your patience.

I might be getting the Map of Vermont Breweries done today, but its not looking likely due to another gorgeous day (81 degrees today!) and having lots of yard work, as well as going to Drew’s to film some Star Wars related reels for his Knights of Nostalgia page.

We have also completed the first two Maps of Breweries – Maine and New Hampshire. You can see those here:

We are currently starting to work on creating maps of all the breweries in each state, starting geographically with Maine. So be on the lookout for these great resources to soon be popping up on the blog. Hoping to get a state done every 2 – 4 days. (Some will be quicker and easier than others, but 50 states, plus Washington D.C., will certainly take some time!)

Thank you everyone for reading and please like, share, follow, subscribe, all that good stuff you see at the end of every YouTube video.

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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