Peanut Butter Eggs, Easter, Beer, and Yah Brew’s Shimmy Shake (Beer Review)

Peanut Butter Eggs, Easter, Beer, and Yah Brew’s Shimmy Shake (Beer Review)

YAH Brew – Shimmy Shake

Weekly Column – Easter

So I decided to take the day off from my regularly scheduled Sunday evening column because, Easter.  I prepped for this bad boy for weeks.  Prepping for the Easter baskets for the kids, activities to entertain said kids, the egg hunt, coloring/painting the eggs, and the meal.  After doing all of these items we were completely exhausted. 

Peanut Butter Eggs

So, I definitely think we deserve a peanut butter egg.  Peanut butter eggs, especially the homemade ones are absolutely my favorite Easter candy.  What is yours?

Easter Activities

My fluke was by the time I decided to sit down and enjoy one I only had mini peanut butter cups left in the cabinet. Oh well, that works too.  I had waited and dreamed all day of cracking open the Shimmy Shake: Peanut Butter Egg by Yah Brew. Naturally I soothed myself all day but eating Easter candy.

We had done all the activities above as well as adding on a vicious game of tag, some batting practice and we can’t forget endless amounts of swinging.  Opening and sipping the Shimmy Shake: Peanut Butter Egg was the perfect ending to an exhausting but rewarding Easter Sunday with your family. 

YAH Brew – Shimmy Shake

YAH Brew’s Shimmy Shake

Beer: Shimmy Shake
Brewery: YAH Brew
Style: Stout – White / Golden
ABV: 5%
Untappd Description: (Blank)

(You can see our Instagram post abut it here – The Beer Thrillers On Instagram.)

Sometimes Ben and I have a hard time splitting a beer after a long work day.  But let me tell you how smooth the Shimmy Shake went down.  We crushed that crowler, actually we crushed the crowler from Yah the day before too.  The day before we had the I’m going to crumble cream pie stout.  That was also **chef’s kiss** Should I have paired that with an oatmeal cream pie?

The Shimmy Shake is smooth and sweet but light.  It had a low ABV of 5% and you don’t feel obliterated for the evening.  It is definitely the perfect treat at the end of a long Easter day and I hope we get to have it every single Easter!

(Photos courtesy of YAH Brew – Facebook.)

There is no description on Untappd, but the description on Facebook for the Shimmy Shake reads:

Happy April!

Just in time for the Easter holiday, we are releasing our newest brew.

“Shimmy Shake: Peanut Butter Egg” – 5.5% ABV

This malt-shake style ale is the perfect pairing to an easter egg hunt. Loaded with cocoa, chocolate, and peanut butter for a thick and creamy texture, you’ll instantly be reminded of the most popular easter candy from the bunny basket!

Our dessert style malt shakes pair well with farm shows, groups of boys in yards, and old-timey date nights in antique cars.

Available in crowlers togo only today (4/1) from 2-6pm at the taproom!

YAH Brew – Facebook Post

(Just want to point out our check in was the first on Untappd.)

Has anyone else gotten to stop in at YAH Brew’s spot in Hershey, at the old Tattered Flag bar next to Duck Donuts? They should be fully open soon, can’t wait! (Love the Gameboy Menu screen!)

– Drink More Beer!
— Amy

More Information on YAH Brewing

As per Untappd – YAH Brew is a micro brewery from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. They have 22 unique beers with a global average rating of 3.93 (out of 350 ratings) as of 4.10.23. Their Untappd description reads: “Production brewery located in Hummelstown, PA. Follow our socials for info on limited releases and festival info so you can enjoy our beer!”

You can find them on the following social media platforms:

Our articles on YAH Brew:

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Amy’s Weekly Columns

Thank You For Reading

Firstly, thank you all for reading. Want to also thank Amy for another fantastic weekly column. Easter was certainly a busy and hectic day yesterday, so it was nice that Amy could get the time to write her column tonight.

Saturday was nice, got to stop in at YAH Brew’s spot there in Hershey and picked up two crowlers – we got this one (Shimmy Shake) as well as I’m Going to Crumble (Oatmeal Creampie). Both were delicious. Justin and Aimee will do fantastic there and it’ll be great to have another top notch brewery in Hershey.

Speaking of Tattered Flag, they are involved in the Finals Fatal Four Way for 2023’s The Battle of the Breweries. If you would like to vote for them (or vote for Allusion Brewing Company, AleCraft Brewing Company, or Mad Chef Brewing), you can vote here:

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Tomorrow we will start the articles detailing the four breweries left in the Finals Fatal Four Way. Starting with Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery tomorrow, then on Wednesday we’ll cover Allusion Brewing Company, and then on Thursday we’ll cover AleCraft Brewing Company, and then on Friday we’ll wrap things up with Mad Chef Brewing. The tournament ends Sunday (April 16th, 2023) at 11:59:59 PM EST.

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