Beer Review: How Now Brown Cow (With Pumpkin Spice) (Aslin Beer Co)

Beer Review: How Now Brown Cow (With Pumpkin Spice) (Aslin Beer Co)

How Now Brown Cow w/Pumpkin Spice by Aslin Beer Company

Back At It

Back from our recent trip to Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey, we’re back at you with some beer reviews. (And yes, we did survive, despite rumors.) You can read about the road trip here:

We stopped at some fun breweries (including RAR Brewing, Burley Oak Brewing, and Cape May Brewing), even tried a milko pour, and also got a little bit of walking and hiking done. And hell, I even survived a ferry.

So we’re back to work here at the blog and delivering still our daily November articles. Today’s is another beer review.

Stout Season

Personally… I think its always stout season. It can be 98 degrees in the sun, and I can be sitting outside relaxing, reading a book on my patio, and I think its still stout season. But thats just me. I know that doesn’t apply to all people. For most (sane?) people, now is stout season.

So why not throw back an excellent stout by Aslin Beer Co in accordance with this wonderful season. So in appreciation of Stout Season I offer you: How Now Brown Cow – with a twist – Pumpkin Spice. My friend is a big time pumpkin spice lover, so when we saw this at Breski’s Beverage, it was an immediate grab. So here we are. Lets get to it.

Aslin Beer Company

First, let’s take a look at Aslin Beer Company. Just as an aside, they are coming to Pittsburgh shortly, and you can read about that here:

It first started with them being able to ship to Pennsylvania during COVID, but now they are full on moving in, and setting up shop in Pittsburgh.

According to Untappd they are a regional brewery that started in Alexandria Virginia. 607 unique beers to their name, and over 1 million check in and 933 thousand ratings. They have a global average rating of 4.11 as of 11.21.21. Their Untappd description reads:

Aslin Beer Company is a northern Virginia, DC suburb, microbrewery suited to provide great beverages and a wide variety. Visit our spacious, 24-tap tasting room in Alexandria, or our Herndon location for to-go beer only.

Untappd: Aslin Beer Company

Beer Review

How Now Brown Cow w/Pumpkin Spice by Aslin Beer Co

Beer: How Now Brown Cow w/Pumpkin Spice
Brewery: Aslin Beer Company
Style: Stout – Milk / Sweet
ABV: 6%
IBU: None
Untappd Description: This iteration of our delectable Milk Stout packs a punch of pumpkin & a creamy vanilla finish! Rich aromas of a fall evening ready for those cool, cozy days ahead.

First off, this is just a fun beer name to say over and over while drinking, I don’t care who you are. And I can only assume that everyone who is drinking this must repeat the beer name at least 15 times while drinking it. If not… what are you even doing here?

The aroma is a fun pleasant pumpkin smelling stout. You get the notes of your typical pumpkin spiced beer as you pour it out, and as you bring it to your nose and lips. You get your spices, you get all that reminds you of pumpkin, and you get some subtle (hidden by the pumpkin spices) malt and stout aromas.

Visually, this is a stout through and through. Its dark, its black, its pretty. Lovely brown creamy foamy head that left a nice lacing on the glass as I drank it. Varied and dispersed bubbles and nice head retention. The stout is certainly the type of black that Nietzsche would warn you about staring into.

This is a light bodied, creamy, smooth stout that really gives you a wonderful pumpkin spice flavor. Its a fun and tasty beer, especially if you enjoy pumpkin spices (if you don’t, your mileage will certainly vary on this one). The pumpkin spice comes in hard and heavy right out the gate and pummels your palate, after that, leaving you with a creamy stout, not itself light in flavor. The stout base is a good solid light (but not watery) stout, creamy from the vanilla, and well rounded with its malt base. I haven’t had the other iterations of this (looking at Untappd, seems like they’ve done a peanut butter, a coconut, coffee, coffee and maple, coffee and maple and bacon, hazelnut, and milk chocolate. To be honest, all of those different variations sound absolutely amazing, especially knowing how good this stout is. Aslin Beer Company certainly knows their stouts and does them very well. You’ll hear no complaints from me in that department or how well their made or executed. They can keep pumping them out and sending them my way, thats for sure. And at 6% this goes down easily and smooth and doesn’t hammer you over the head and knock you out. Makes for a perfect fall beer, perhaps around a camp fire making s’mores. (Or inside watching Dune before it leaves HBO Max like we did.)

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.86 (as of 11.21.21)


Speaking of Dune, spent the night watching this with my friend, while we drank the above mentioned beer, as well as a few others (including FestiFall by South County Brewing Company). What did everyone else think of the movie? I really enjoyed it. I’ve heard complaints that it was hard to follow, or confusing, or that its just too much setup, etc. But I enjoyed it. I’m not a huge ‘Dune’ head, I read the original back in my Middle School or High School days (oh god how long ago was that?!), and have not read the sequels or all of the add-ons that Frank Herbert’s son Brian Herbert did with Kevin J. Anderson. (I have all of Frank’s sequels in my office, I really need to get around to reading this series again.)

So curious what everyone else’s thoughts were on the movie. Leave them in the comments!

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Take it easy everyone! Getting close to Thanksgiving time!


-B. Kline

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