Road Trip: Day Two

Road Trip: Day Two

Burnish Beer Co.

Day Two Begins

Its now 6:30AM and Day Two is about to begin (leaving and packing up here at the hotel). Today we are taking the ferry across from Lewes to Cape May, and then will be traveling up from South Jersey to Philly (and then eventually back home to Harrisburg.)

Day One Recap

So yesterday turned out to be a bit ‘too ambitious’. We ended up hitting:

  • Jailbreak Brewing
  • Cult Classic Brewing
  • RAR Brewing
  • Burnish Beer Co
  • Burley Oak Brewing

There was a lot more planned, but we just ended up running out of time. We didn’t end up hitting any of the Delaware breweries, including the bump up into Lokal Branch (my partner in crime said it looked too full). We ended up hitting Burley Oak and staying nearly an hour and a half and didn’t have enough time to stop at Dewey Beer Co or Dogfish Head (Dogfish Head closed at 8, and Dewey closed at 9).

We one hundred percent loved the breweries we did get to stop out at. Burnish Beer Co is very new (and you can tell) but the beers were good and they have a great place. RAR and Burley Oak Brewing are obviously notables and great beers and breweries. The new Laboratory section of RAR was really cool. Jailbreak and Cult Classic were also really fun stops.

Day Two Hopefuls

Hopefully today we can stay on time and task better. We will be leaving on the Lewes Ferry to Cape May shortly, and then once over there, we will be doing Gusto Brewing, Cape May Brewery, and then working our way up South Jersey through places like Bonesaw, Death of the Fox, Glasstown, etc, and then crossing over into Philly, where we are looking to hit Humanrobot, Love City, Brewery ARS, Fermentation Foam, Crime and Punishment, and Monk’s Cafe before heading home, and hopefully hitting Tired Hands.

*Fingers Crossed we get it all done*

Cheers everyone!

-B. Kline

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