Beer Review: Sorbetto 40 (Ever Grain Brewing Co.)

Beer Review: Sorbetto 40 (Ever Grain Brewing Co.)

Sorbetto 40 by Ever Grain Brewing Co.

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Sorbetto #40 by Ever Grain Brewing Co

There is a secret part of me, well not so secret anymore, that is OBSESSED with the sorbetto line. Maybe a little obsession with the yinzbetto line. The Sorbetto series was the line of beers that got me through quarantine and coincidently celebrating my 40th birthday over quarantine as well. The thrill of a new sorbetto announcement STILL tickles my fancy.

Beer: Sorbetto Series #40

Brewery: Ever Grain Brewing Co

Style: Sour – Fruited

ABV: 6%

IBU: None

Untappd Description: Sour Ale aged on raspberries, Boysenberries, Strawberries, and chocolate cookies *contains Lactose

The fortieth installment of the sorbetto series from Ever Grain Brewing company was exactly what you would want it to be; fruity, dense, just slightly sour, chocolatey and just sweet enough to creep a smile across your face.  I’m pretty sure if you checked my phone’s history you would see that I have screenshotted and shared every Sorbetto Facebook post from Ever Grain. But each time I crack open a new sorbetto I am squealing with excitement! The fruity sour aromas engulf my face because, of course, I’m inhaling as deep as possible, and I am in love again.

The same with all the other sorbettos; it is dark, dense, and delicious. I can’t say for sure if I ever have specifically eaten boysenberries. After googling a boysenberry image I’m sure I have but I just thought it was a blackberry. I can say for sure I tasted all the berries dancing on my tongue. I couldn’t quite pick out a boysenberry flavor, like I said not sure if I’ve consumed them, but I can pick out the raspberry and strawberry.

One might even compare it to a tootsie pop. You taste all the berry combinations on that first sip then but then at the end a very subtle chocolate flavor. Maybe a multi berry tootsie pop then is more appropriate.

Some might refer to this as a desert beer, but I tend to rich for a sweet stout before a sour fruited beer. Whichever sweet berries or chocolate flavors are you favorite I highly recommend you try a pour while it’s still on draft or grab a 4 pack. Ever Grain should expect me to secretly stalk their Facebook until number 41 is ready!

Save the ocean, drink more beer.

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