Road Trip: Day Two Recap

Road Trip: Day Two Recap

Cape May Point Lighthouse

How Did We Get Here?

We started the day off in Delaware at Rehobeth beach, and at 8:45AM we were on the Lewes – Cape May ferry to get over to New Jersey. It was very choppy (was told it was choppier and windier than its been in a long time). Made for a certainly interesting venture.

Cape May IPA

Had a Cape May IPA at 9:01AM on the trip (when they opened the alcohol sales) and then we began our day in New Jersey by visiting the Cape May Bird Observatory, took a small stroll, then went to the Cape May Beach and visited the lighthouse, Battery 223, and watched swans, ospreys, and hawks.

We then stopped at Willow Creek Winery, and then moved on to Gusto Brewing where we got to try a milko pour (my first time having one). After that was Cape May Brewery. The next stop after this was planned out to be Bucket Bridge, but we saw 7 Mile Brewery while at a redlight and swerved in.

After 7 Mile Brewery where we ran into someone who went to LVC (Lebanon Valley College) – the same college my parents graduated from, and as it turns out, she graduated the same year as my dad. (She didn’t know him though.) we visited Bucket Brigade Brewing as planned.

Unfortunately…. we didn’t get to really finish out the rest of my adventurous trip itinerary. I definitely overplanned and expected to get a lot more done (I still wanted to hit Slack Tide, Bonesaw, Death of the Fox, and Flying Fish, before even entering Philly where we were then going to hit Humanrobot, Crime and Punishment, Fermentary Foam, and Monk’s).

But unfortunately, a member of the crew ended up getting sick, and at about 4:45PM yesterday (after Bucket Brigade) we ended up calling it, and made the 4 hour drive home. Where we got home after a few stops, at around 10PM.

So yesterday, we hit:

  • Willow Creek Winery
  • Gusto Brewing
  • Cape May Brewing
  • 7 Mile Brewing
  • Bucket Brigade Brewing

I’ll write up a bigger two-day story of the trip in the days ahead. Meanwhile here’s a few pictures from yesterday:

Tonight (after work) I’ll do a total trip recap, and then in the following days I’ll write up my usual beer travelogue and brewery tour visit whatever you want to call it. So be on the lookouts for those two articles!


-B. Kline

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