Beer Review: Beer Devil IPA (Niagara Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Beer Devil IPA (Niagara Brewing Company)

Beer Devil IPA by Niagara Brewing Company

Beer Love

Once in awhile you are lucky enough to receive some beer love.  What is beer love?  It’s when someone thinks of you while vacationing or visiting a new place and brings you beer to try out!  We were gifted Beer devil IPA from Niagara Brewing Company when a friend’s kids were visiting the Niagara Falls in Canada.

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Your girl wasn’t going to go in on these gifted 4 pack without a snack.  I grabbed some Beer cheese pretzels from  This IPA paired wit a cheesy pretzel snack was the perfect afternoon to kick off this holiday weekend!

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Beer Review

Niagara Brewing Company’s Beer Devil IPA

Beer: Beer Devil IPA
Brewery: Niagara Brewing Company
Style: IPA – English
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 62
Untappd Description: A traditional IPA with earthy tones and a high hop aroma that compliment its caramel-like, toasted malt flavour.

It’s a great beer for a holiday weekend.  The ones where you are sitting outside all afternoon and anything higher than a 7% ABV multiplied by a few will put you where you should make sure you have a designated driver!  Beer devil IPA comes in with a 6.5% ABV and it doesn’t leave you impaired.

Sadly Beer devil comes in a little low on the untapped rating at a 3.38.  And an Untapped reviewed described it as “Taste like someone put hops up their bootyhole then made beer with it.”  While everyone is entitled to their own opinions this is something that might be misunderstood.  We are still deep in a New England Hazy IPA trend but Beer devil brings a very traditional English-style IPA. 

Niagara Brewing Company describes it on Untapped as “The English-style IPA is a stronger version of a pale ale.  The English-style pale ale is characterized by a hearty helping of English hope character (earthy, floral) and increased alcohol content.  English yeast lend a fruity character to the flavor and aroma, offering a contrast of the earthly English hop additions.  Different from its American counterpart, this style strikes a balance between malt and hops for a more rounded flavor.”

Beer and Pretzels

When sipping on this brew and even paired with the Beer Cheese pretzels you can pick out the caramel like maltiness of the brew.  The cheese of the pretzels balances out the bitterness of the English style and they pair very nicely together.  It ends with a nice hoppy finish.  My advice:  Give all beer a chance!

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More Info On Niagara Brewing Company

The following comes from Untappd. Niagara Brewing Company is a brew pub from Niagara Falls, Ontation, Canada. They have 100 unique beers and just over 52,500 ratings, with a global average rating of 3.36 (as of 5.28.23). Their Untappd description reads: Niagara Brewing Company proudly represents Canada’s brewing heritage and today’s innovative craft beer scene by offering unique beers skillfully weaved with locally sourced ingredients.

You can follow them on the following social media:

Amy’s Column Series

This is a two – fer article weekend for Amy’s column. Writing this beer review, as well as talking about Multiple Sclerosis in her “World MS Day” article. (Idiom Brewing has an event on May 30th, to honor, and recognize World MS Day.)

Since getting back to writing for the blog after a short hiatus, Amy has started up a weekly column style writing for the blog. You can find these articles here:

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Ben jumping on real quick. Been a busy few days. Friday, Drew and I went to YAH Brew, and then did some filming back at Knights of Nostalgia studios, Saturday we took Scarlet to Zoo America at Hershey, Sunday (yesterday) we had a Lunch and Dinner picnic at my sister’s (we were also supposed to go to Cox Brewing Company for a homebrewing meet up, but timing didn’t allow it), and today, we had a parade in Hummelstown (which Scarlet slept through, including the firetrucks, Civil War re-enactment gun blasts, Lower Dauphin band, and more), and then had a picnic at our house (was also supposed to go to Drew’s for a Knights of Nostalgia filming with Josh from MasterMind X Studios, and streaming session, but once again, timing didn’t quite work out). So its certainly been a busy weekend!

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