Cox Brewing Company: Back to Their Roots

Our trip to Cox Brewing Company

Our Trip To Cox Brewing Company

It was in between rain downpours we got to stop by the Cox Brewing Company yesterday.  It was the hardest weekend to try to plan with this everchanging weather in Central Pa.  But somehow it worked out in our favor and we got to enjoy a quick afternoon in CBC.  With our 5-month-old in tow we decided to stop in. 

We tried the Tropic Lightning and The Big red one.  You know me, I couldn’t resist a snack to go with the brews.  We shared the Gene Wenger’s meats and fine foods snack pack.  It was the perfect combination of sweet bologna and Colby jack cheese.   This was part of the offering for the “garage snacks” menu.

Tropic Lightning

Tropic Lightning (beer closest to Amy and Scarlet)

From Untappd:

Beer: Tropic Lightning
Brewery: Cox Brewing Company
Style: Sour – Fruited
ABV: 4.3%
IBU: 11
Untappd Description: This tropical fruity kettle-sour ale made with passion fruit, mango, and pineapple purees (contains lactose).

The Tropic Lightning was light and fruity.  From Untapped: This tropical fruity kettle sour ale made with passion fruit, mango and pineapple purees (contains lactose).  With a 4.3% ABV it doesn’t kick your butt much.  And on the muggy day it was on Saturday it was incredibly soothing.  And while snacking it paired very well with the sweet bologna.

The Big Red One

The Big Red One (beer closest to camera)

From Untappd:

Beer: The Big Red One
Brewery: Cox Brewing Company
Style: Strong Ale – American
ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 68
Untappd Description: (Blank)

The Big red one was a good change from the kettle sour, this was strong and tad higher of an ABV at 7.5% according to Untapped.  It had a great combo of tastes that tossed me back and forth between malty but roasty at the same time. 

Cox Brewing Company – The Garage

Cox Brewing Company – The Garage – Rheems

We have been to the Elizabethtown (Pizza Town) location a couple of times, and Ben has been to the garage a few times in the past, but this was my first time visiting the garage in Rheems.

Enjoying our nibbles and the brews we were tucked in a garage bay in Rheems, PA.  There was pub style seating, seating at the bar and some regular seating as well.  It brings you back to the feelings of kicking back in your friends’ garage and enjoying some beers together.  Their spot at the garage is friendly and you feel like you are part of their cheers meet choppers vibe.

From Ben’s article:

The garage in Rheems is their original location, and for many old school Cox Brewing Company fans and patrons they’ll remember it fondly. Its a big large open venue with an inside garage that feels very much like Cheers meets Choppers. I have fond memories of some of their anniversary events hanging out with Ron Bell and others at the garage. Looking forward to getting to come back out to the old shop.

You’ll be able to find the brewery up on the hill, back behind the house, in a garage / building bay. The address is:

276 Heisey Quarry Road, Building 1 – Bay 5
Rheems / Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Cox Brewing Company Returning to Their Roots

We decided to end our visit with a B-52 Belgian Dubbel and this was a decision we knew we made very well.  To top off the visit with the toe-curling B-52 was perfection.  It is listed on Untapped with an ABV of 8% and it is so smooth you’d never know.  And to quote our long lost writer, Josh Doncevic: “For having such heavy flavors and notes, this is a beer that disappears from your glass and you’re left wondering where it all went and why it’s all gone.”  I sit here regretting my choice to not get a crowler fill before we left. 

(You can read Josh Doncevic’s B-52 Belgian Dubbel review here: Beer Review: B-52 Belgian Dubbel (Bottle-Conditioned, 2017) – Cox Brewing Company (CBC).)

It’s 2017 and a friend of mine has asked me to join him and his father at a small brewery in Rheems, PA. Back then I had never heard of Cox Brewing Company, much less tried any of their beer. However, it’s local brewery and I’m more than willing to check a new place out. We pull into an industrial and farm looking part of town and up to what appeared to be a hole in the wall. The kind of place that only those that were “in-the-know” frequented. And there we were, walking into a crowded and cramped garage that was abuzz with conversation. The whole time I was wondering just how good the beer was, but after the first sip, all doubt fled through that same garage door and I began enjoying myself. Spent a few moments scanning the chalkboard menu and spotted something very interesting. I was going to choose by name, and then I noticed the style. WOAH! “Dubbel” Now there’s something you don’t find very often. While being very happy to see the style, I have to admit I was still a bit of a sceptic. My personal experience with US brewed Belgian styles has been a bit spotty at best. Not many breweries seem to be able to replicate the unique taste found in Belgian beers. So naturally, I did what any beer nerd would do: I ordered a pint. I remember being very glad I was sitting down as much fresher versions of the flavors I’ll depict later washed over me. I enjoyed it so much that I vowed then and there that I would be back to buy two bottles, because only a fool would buy one. I returned a week later, making good on my promise. One of those bottles was had two years ago, and thought it unlikely that it would get any better.

Beer Review: B-52 Belgian Dubbel (Bottle-Conditioned, 2017) – Cox Brewing Company (CBC)

I would recommend to put CBC on your list of brewery stops and more than once.  With the friendly atmosphere, slamming beers and yummy snacks it is good parts of what we all hope to find in a brewery.

Drink More Beer!
– Amy

For More Information on Cox Brewing Company

For more information on Cox Brewing Company – check out their Social Media Platforms. But first, Untappd describes Cox Brewing Company thusly:

Cox Brewing Company is a micro brewery from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. It has 144 unique beers and over 13,300~ ratings. It has a global average rating of 3.76 (as of 4.16.23). It’s Untappd description reads: “Cox Brewing Company (CBC) is a veteran-owned brewery located in Elizabethtown, PA in the village of Rheems.”

Find them on social media at the following:

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