I’m Pretty Darn Lucky (Happy Mother’s Day)

I’m Pretty Darn Lucky (Happy Mother’s Day)

Triple Pineapple Punge by Tired Hands Brewing Co. and breakfast eggs

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m pretty darn lucky.  This is my first Mother’s Day.  I never thought I was going to be celebrating this holiday for myself, but here I sit with a beautiful baby girl.  At first, I felt a bit anxious and nervous for the day, I might have laid in bed and cried a bit while Scarlet was napping.  But thankfully my boyfriend asked what he could do.  I said make me some breakfast!  Please, I mean!

(If you, or someone you know is suffering from post partum depression, or depression in general, please reach out to others. Friends, family, co – workers, colleagues, anyone and everyone. There are numerous organizations you can reach out to as well. Here are two organizations that we suggest:

Please, nobody needs to suffer alone or in the dark. Reach out, seek help, seek people to talk to. There is no shame. Take care of yourself.)

I had scrambled eggs and a TIPA for breakfast.  It made for a perfect First Mother’s Day morning.  The beer and eggs paired very nicely together.  My boyfriend added Worcestershire sauce, taco seasoning and a secret ingredient that added a slightly sweet flavor to some scrambled eggs.  It sounds like a crazy weird combination but it was tasty paired with Tired Hands Triple Pineapple Punge Triple IPA.

Triple Pineapple Punge – Tired Hands Brewing Co.

Triple Pineapple Punge by Tired Hands Brewing Co (Ben decided to off center the picture, my apologies)

Beer: Triple Pineapple Punge
Brewery: Tired Hands Brewing Co.
Style: IPA – Triple
ABV: 8.3%
IBU: N / A
Untappd Description: Triple Pineapple PUNGE is an amped up & blissed out version of our already killer Pineapple Punge variant. Triple Pineapple PUNGE is brewed with our dank & oat-y PUNGE base and hopped with the one-two combo of Nelson Sauvin and Motueka… but the real star of this iteration is the absolutely amoral amount of pineapple. An absurd amount of DRIPPY pineapple went into making one of the most decadent DIPA’s you’ll ever taste. Notes of pineapple rings, beachside Pina Colada and Dole Whip. PUNGE IS PUNGE IS PUNGE =)

Triple Pineapple Punge clocks in on Untapped at a 8.3% ABV. It’s described on Untapped as ‘an amped up & blissed out version of out already killer Pineapple Punge variant. Triple Pineapple PUNGE is brewed with our dank & oat-y PUNGE base and hopped with the one-two combo of Nelson Sauvin and Moteuka…but the real star of this iteration is the absolutely amoral amount of Pineapple. An absurd about of DRIPPY pineapple went into making one of the most decadent DIPA’s you’ll ever taste.” The beer is killer since it starts off as a tasty TIPA with a dank and oat-y taste, to agree with the Untapped description, but then the sweet pineapple taste dances over your tongue to finish.

Mother’s Day Lunch / Dinner

Then we were invited over to Ben’s sister’s house to grill for Mother’s Day.  We were lucky enough to enjoy burgers, chicken, ribs, crab and corn; all from the grill.  I brought dessert and the Mother in Law brought fruit and salad.  I was pretty darn lucky again, I was greeted with gifts from Ben’s sister and brother in law, my own mother and Ben’s parents as well.  The thankfulness I feel to be able to celebrate my First Mother’s Day with such a wonderful family brings me to tears.  Like I said, I’m pretty darn lucky. 

Ben meanwhile was enjoying a 3 Son’s Brewing Company pilsner – Ocean Park Pils and Imprint Beer Company’s pilsner – Philsner. (See Ben’s review of the Philsner here: Beer Review: Philsner (Imprint Beer Co.).)

Sunburst – New Trail Brewing Co.

Sunburst by New Trail Brewing Co.

(Ben already had two of these at Drew’s while streaming the new release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. So my mom and I could only have two. For more Zelda and beer related content, check out Ben’s article – Zelda and Craft Beer.)

Beer: Sunburst – Experimental Hop Blend
Brewery: New Trail Brewing Co.
Style: IPA – Imperial / Double New England / Hazy
ABV: 9.1%
IBU: N / A
Untappd Description: Sunburst is a new Hazy DIPA series focusing on bringing out the best juicy fruity hop characteristics we can. Experimental Blend brings together 3 as-of-yet-unnamed experimental hops from The Hop Breeding Company; HBC 630, HBC 586, and HBC 472. The resulting aromatics are packed with chewy tropical candy, and peaches & cream. Enjoy the sun bursting across the sky with this one.

I split the New Trail Sunburst: Experimental Hop Blend with my mom as we started diving into the yummy grilled grub.  This one went down a little easy for a 9.1% ABV.  Sunburst is counted as an Imperial/Double New England / Hazy.  It is described on Untapped as Straw or deep gold in color, this style has a varying degree of cloudiness.  Starch, yeast, hop, protein and/or other compounds contribute to a wide range of hazy appearance within this style.  There is a perceived silky or full mouthfeel that may contribute to the overall flavor profile.  Grist may include a small amount of oat, wheat or other adjuncts to promote haziness.  Descriptors such as “juicy” are often used to describe the taste and hop-derived aroma attributes present in these beers.”  So my mom and I might have went on to split another one! 

A Great Day

My day consisted of beer, food, family and love.  Again, I’m pretty darn lucky.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there! Can’t beat a day filled with good craft beer, good home grilled food, family, and love!

Drink More Beer!


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Mother’s Day Shout Out

Amy and Scarlet at YAH Brew

Ben jumping on here real quick to give a huge shout out to Amy. I want to wish her a wonderful Mother’s Day. She is an absolutely amazing mother to Scarlet and deserves the world today.

I also want to throw out a Happy Mother’s Day to my own mom, as well as my mother in law SueAnn. Both are tremendous mothers, women, and MawMaw and Grandma’s respectively.

Thank You For Reading

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Then today was Mother’s Day of course. Tomorrow is looking busy as well, Amy is getting her drain taken out and Ben has a job interview. We’ll see where the week takes us from there.

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