Amy’s Birthday

Amy’s Birthday

Amy Wolfe at the Cushwa 5th Anniversary Brewfest

Happy Birthday

In honor of Miss Amy turning 42 (but, you didn’t hear that number from me), let’s take a look back at all of the articles she’s (so far) written here for The Beer Thrillers blog. We’ll start with her oldest articles and work our way to the present, and then link to her full repertoire so you could bookmark it to find them easily in the future.

Beer Review: Sorbetto 40 (Ever Grain Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Sorbetto 40 by Ever Grain Brewing Company

Let’s start off with her first article, dated November 17th, 2021. Miss Amy loves her Sorbetto series by Ever Grain Brewing Company, and she wanted to kick off her articles with them. A quick excerpt:

“There is a secret part of me, well not so secret anymore, that is OBSESSED with the sorbetto line. Maybe a little obsession with the yinzbetto line. The Sorbetto series was the line of beers that got me through quarantine and coincidently celebrating my 40th birthday over quarantine as well. The thrill of a new sorbetto announcement STILL tickles my fancy.”

Beer Review: Sorbetto 40 (Ever Grain Brewing

You can find her article here: Beer Review: Sorbetto 40 (Ever Grain Brewing Company) by Amy Wolfe.

Beer Review: Missile Toad (Ever Grain Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Missile Toad by Ever Grain Brewing Company

Did you know that Amy loves Ever Grain Brewing Company? Yea… its not really a big secret that she’s a huge fan of their brewery and their beers. Her second article here for The Beer Thrillers blog was a second Ever Grain Brewing Company beer review; this time Missile Toad. Dated on December 22nd, 2021.

A quick excerpt:

“When this tasty season treat came out last year when we were all stir crazy from quarantine I went on a long, long adventure with my friend the Missile Toad. I am normally not a fan of the grapefruit notes in my beer, but this triple IPA holds up with a high ABV, very light straw color and a not so boozy taste.”

Beer Review: Missile Toad (Ever Grain Brewing Company)

You can find her article here: Beer Review: Missile Toad (Ever Grain Brewing Company) by Amy Wolfe.

Beer Review: Riff Mountain 7 (South County Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Riff Mountain 7 by South County Brewing Company

Another favorite of Miss Amy is South County Brewing Company, and her third beer review (and her third article) for the blog reflects that – with South County’s Riff Mountain number seven.

A quick excerpt:

I first tried this beer (the first iteration / the first version of it / the first variant of it) when kicking off my three – week furlough from my full-time job. Of course, I decided to kick off my work furlough, while celebrating still having a full-time job, by joining friends at South County Brewing Co. It was a wise decision. Riff Mountain took me on a smooth hop ride that was fitting to kick off a three – week furlough to disconnect from work and a global pandemic.

Beer Review: Riff Mountain 7 (South County Brewing Company)

This article, dated December 28th, 2021, was her third article and her third beer review. You can find the article here: Beer Review: Riff Mountain 7 (South County Brewing Company) by Amy Wolfe.

Beer Review: Sorbetto 42 (Ever Grain Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Sorbetto 42 by Ever Grain Brewing Company

A bit ironic (or just coincidence, or whatever term you want to use), but Miss Amy also reviewed Sorbetto 42. Perfectly timed here for her 42nd birthday. And as you can see, she really does love Ever Grain Brewing Company, and loves their Sorbetto series. This article was dated January 16th, 2022.

A quick excerpt:

There is a secret Sorbetto dance I perform when I see Ever Grain post they came out with a new Sorbetto. I might do a similar celebration dance for the yinzbetto series and Drippity announcements too. Since it’s so darn cold out, this dance was effective at also warming up my cold bones.

Yes, I’m still obsessed with the Sorbetto series. I just feel like Ever Grain gets me when it comes to this series. It was everything I needed in my life and well…. still need! The forty second one in the series does not disappoint! Check out my other Sorbetto review – Beer Review: Sorbetto 40 (Ever Grain Brewing Co.) or my other beer review from Ever Grain Brewing (Beer Review: Missile Toad)

(You can find other Ever Grain beer reviews here as well: All Together, Peanut Butter Udder One, Multiple Beer Review: Barrel Aged Barleywine, You Think Darkness is Your Ally?, 3rd Anniversary Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, Cinn-a-Bunn).

Beer Review: Sorbetto 42 (Ever Grain Brewing Company)

You can find her full article here: Beer Review: Sorbetto 42 (Ever Grain Brewing Company) by Amy Wolfe.

Brewfests with Anxiety

Brewfests with Anxiety – Amy at the Cushwa 5th Anniversary Brewfest

Amy’s next article was a departure from her beer reviews, but a big article that she felt very strongly about and (in my opinion) her best piece of writing. In it she talks about anxiety, panic attacks, and brewfests, and how to best combat the anxiety attacks at brewfests. This article came after we went down to the Cushwa 5th Anniversary Brewfest. Her article is dated January 23rd, 2022.

A quick excerpt:

I went to a crowded Brewfest and I didn’t have a panic attack.  This is huge. No, this is a massive victory for me, my anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy in social settings.

As an avid beer lover being able to attend a Brewfest and sample many brews is a mecca of the craft beer drinking lover.  Let’s be honest, when you are in a large crowd and can barely move even the social butterfly will feel some twinges of nervousness.

What often leads to a bad situation is I know I will feel less anxious if I drink more, thus often leading to a less than enjoyable evening.  Not to mention the “clean up” of an evening that I drank too much to mask my panic attacks.

I still remember one of my first panic attacks as a young 20 something.  I walked into my small, hometown bar.  All those parked in their regular spots at the bar and those enjoying an evening out in groups at tables all turned to look who just walked in the door.  I felt a tightening around my neck and I was able to inhale very little oxygen. 

Brewfests with Anxiety

You can read the full article here: Brewfests with Anxiety by Amy Wolfe.

Beer Review: Phantomania (Fourscore Beer Company)

Beer Review: Phantomania by Fourscore Beer Company

Amy’s latest and most recent article was another beer review, again from another of her favorite breweries – Fourscore Beer Company out of Gettysburg PA. This one is dated March 9th, 2022. But have no fear, she has quite a few projects she’s working on her for the blog, and she’ll have new articles soon. (She’s also working on a much bigger project with Scarlet Emma in production, due to arrive November 22nd).

A quick excerpt:

There are so many things to unpack about this beer. I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the next tasty hazy IPA…and let me tell you I like them hazy!  That perfect Hazy IPA reminds me what it feels like when Homer has that drooling eye roll moment.

The tropical and citrusy aroma of Phantomania quickly took me away to a better place than central pa during a freezing rainy day!  It must be this fabulous hop combination.  It ends on a bitter taste, but it just cleanses that palate and you are ready for the next satisfying sip.

Beer Review: Phantomania (Fourscore Beer Company)

You can read the full article here: Beer Review: Phantomania (Fourscore Beer Company) by Amy Wolfe.

The Amy Wolfe Archives

If you want to be able to check out the full archives of Amy’s writings (and where each new article will go when she’s written them and been tagged in them), you can check this out:

Happy Birthday Miss Amy

So let’s one last time give Amy a big Happy Birthday (I won’t repeat the number…) and congratulate her on surviving another trip around the sun! Can’t wait to see what more great writing she has in store for us here at the blog!

Thanks For Reading

Thank you all for reading this list article for Amy’s birthday. You can leave a comment here wishing her a Happy Birthday, it’ll mean the world to her. Cheers to everyone and hope you had a great weekend! I know I did getting to gallivant around Lancaster County with Ming and Don checking out new brewery spots, while Amy went to a Rod Stewart concert with her mother.

Cheers All!

-The Beer Thrillers
–B. Kline

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