Beer Review: Missile Toad (Ever Grain Brewing Co.)

Beer Review: Missile Toad (Ever Grain Brewing Co.)

Missile Toad by Ever Grain Brewing Co.

Missile Toad

When this tasty season treat came out last year when we were all stir crazy from quarantine I went on a long, long adventure with my friend the Missile Toad. I am normally not a fan of the grapefruit notes in my beer, but this triple IPA holds up with a high ABV, very light straw color and a not so boozy taste.

Beer Review

Beer: Missile Toad
Brewery: Ever Grain Brewing Co
Style: Triple New England/HAZY
ABV: 10.5%
IBU: None
Untappd Description: “Seasons greetings from a hop rocket of holiday happiness. Exploding with juiciness, this hazy Imperial IPA combines citrus notes with a soft piney finish. It’s like a tropical vacation in the middle of winter.”

The tropical vacation we all wish we should go on.  Ah yes, the part of the holiday season I look forward to, holiday beer releases.  They don’t all provide a high ABV and the MT will quickly sneak up on you. 

That first sniff is a wonderful citrusy aroma.  The Citrus flavors in this TIPA carry on and linger but are not overpowering.  Just when you think that is about all this beer has to offer the light pine taste comes in and you glide down to a soft landing that combines this subtle tropical citrus taste and somehow delightfully pine taste

I first tasted this one a year ago before reading the description.  A pine and a citrus flavor description beforehand would have given my taste buds a SCARE.  The light tropical flavor with an aroma of a citrus sleigh ride bring back that thrill of getting your first crate of grapefruit or oranges over the holiday season.  It didn’t matter if you ate them until your mouth was raw, that fresh citrus flavor was unmatched and you craved it.

The pine flavor.  I thought I would hate it.  Right away I envisioned picking pine needles out of my teeth, maybe a slight sticky sap feeling crossed my mind too. “little full, lotta sap”

This is the magic of drinking a well brewed beer.  The flavor and aroma you end with brought back some of the first memories of rounding the corner to dive into your pile of presents on Christmas morning.  That thrill of making sure your siblings were in-tow when you raced to the tree and that light pine scent danced around you as you believed in the magic of Christmas.  But as an adult, I also believe in the magic of holiday beer releases.

In case anyone is looking for a Christmas present for me, I wear a size – 4pack of Missile Toad!

Drink more beer!
– Amy

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