Beer Review: Riff Mountain #7 (South County Brewing Co.)

Beer Review: Riff Mountain #7 (South County Brewing Co.)

Riff Mountain (Number Seven) by South County Brewing Co.

Riff Mountain

I first tried this beer (the first iteration / the first version of it / the first variant of it) when kicking off my three – week furlough from my full-time job. Of course, I decided to kick off my work furlough, while celebrating still having a full-time job, by joining friends at South County Brewing Co. It was a wise decision. Riff Mountain took me on a smooth hop ride that was fitting to kick off a three – week furlough to disconnect from work and a global pandemic.

Beer Review

Beer: Riff Mountain #7
Brewery: South County Brewing Co
Style: IPA- Imperial/Double
ABV: 8.8%
IBU: None
Untappd Description: There is no description for #7. (However, the first two have descriptions listed.)

Miss Amy enjoying her first Riff Mountain

#1 This is a rotational double IPA series.  Mainly focusing of process technique and hop combinations within the New England IPA style.  Each release will be numbered in the date code.

#2 Waves of tangerine pineapple, sweet coconut, dark green and fresh orange juice.

The description on the website “ 8.8% ABV. This series focuses on big bodied, massively dry-hopped New England style double IPA’s. The use of malted oats, flaked oats and white wheat malt creates a rich, almost silky, texture. The yeast fermentation profile has been developed to drive tropical and fruit esters. Each rendition will be denoted by numbers e.g. #1,#2, #3 etc”

Seven different Riffs in this series and I am in love with every single one.  I don’t know if I could pick out the different numbers in the series.  But each time the guys at SC canned a fresh batch I am either picking up at the brewery or picking up at my local distributor.

Each one is a mountain of hop flavor but sneakily at the same time very light on the palate.  That first nose is a citrus grapefruit but quickly escalates to a soft glide on a tropical ride.  And just when you think the citrus and tropical flavors are over, they linger on the tongue followed by a dank and grassy taste but still very light on the palate.

RM will continue to take you on this adventure with each sip.  This very hazy DIPA carries such a mix of these flavors you are take on a cozy ride and even at 8.8% you don’t taste a boozy sip. 

Typically, I would say to drink a hazy IPA in the warmer months, but this riff ride can take you out all year long.  It’s a cozy but light ride to that relaxation we all need while navigating life during a global pandemic.

My Untappd Rating: ****.5
Global Average Untappd Rating: 4.19 (as of 12.28.21)

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