Best in Beer – Farm Show Awards (2023)

Best in Beer – Farm Show Awards (2023)

107th Annual Farm Show Kicked Off This Weekend. The classic Farm Show butter sculpture was prominently displayed as always.

The 107th Annual Farm Show

On Friday – January 6th, 2023 – the 107th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show kicked off at the (historic?) Farm Show Arena / Expo Hall / Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The annual event brings people from all across the states in various agricultural industries to Harrisburg; to showcase, to compete, to interact, intermingle, and have a good time.

It also usually brings bad weather as well. Which knock on wood, all we’ve gotten is a little bit of light snow this morning so far.

Friday was primarily just the food market and a few other events (a rodeo, and a few others being examples). The milkshakes were out, the talk of all the land, as always, and there was also free parking Friday so the food court was absolutely jammed pack.

Farm Show – Best of Beer Awards

The Farm Show introduced the Best of Craft Beer Awards in 2019. This makes it the fourth year of them doing the awards (the awards went virtual in 2020).

You can read the rules for entry here: Department 34 – Beer Awards Rules and Entry Information.

Over the years there has been numerous winners from across the state. Some notables being Troegs Independent Craft Brewing, Liquid Hero Brewing, Wallenpaupack Brewing, Tattered Flag Brewery and Distillery, and many more.

Let’s get to this year’s winners:

Best in Beer Winners – 2023

Farm Show 2023 Awards – Rooted in Progress

First, you can see the full list of entries and winners directly from the Farm Show’s site here: Department 34 – Craft Beer Entries (PDF). The PDF page is a bit confusing and shows all entries, how many points they received, if they are PA Preferred, and if they won a medal. No mention of categories or anything.

I will help you out here and break down the categories (best that I can) and show who won what place, and will list if it’s PA Preferred (more on what that is afterwards).

Category:Brewery:Beer:Award:PA Preferred:
Lager / Light BeerLoveDraft’s BrewingGrim1st Place / Best in ShowNo
Lager / Light BeerWarwick Farm BrewingCzech Pils2nd PlaceNo
Lager / Light BeerLogyard BrewingIt started with a Spark Lager3rd PlaceYes
LagerAldus Brewing Co.Red Flannel Logger
Amber Lager
1st PlaceNo
LagerWolf Brewing CoCzech The Forest2nd PlaceNo
LagerPour Man’s BrewingHouse Lager3rd PlaceNo
Darker LagerWallenpaupack BrewingFor the Love of Lager-
Munich-Style Dunkel
1st PlaceNo
Darker LagerBru Daddy BrewingBlack Sheep2nd PlaceNo
Darker LagerLost Tavern BrewingDoppelbanger3rd PlaceNo
Wheat BeerAllusion Brewing CoSmocze Pragnienie1st PlaceNo
Wheat BeerForbes Trail BrewingWheat Dreams2nd PlaceNo
Wheat BeerCohops Brewery &
DWZN3rd PlaceNo
Pale AleBent Run BrewingRed, White, and Bent1st PlaceNo
Pale AleCohops Brewery &
All to Pot2nd PlaceNo
Pale AleLogyard BrewingBelly-Pan Pale Ale2nd Place / PA Preferred Yes
IPALevity BrewingHaze Freshley1st PlaceNo
IPAOur Town BreweryPress On2nd PlaceNo
IPAC + D Ventures DBA
Ottos Brewery
Green Weenie IPA3rd PlaceNo
IPA – New EnglandDock Street BreweryKing Juice1st PlaceNo
IPA – New EnglandLavery BrewingBalaclava2nd PlaceNo
IPA – New EnglandRough Edge’s BrewingTemptation’s Wing3rd PlaceNo
RyeC + D Ventures DBA
Ottos Brewery
Zemo’s Rye1st PlaceNo
RyeDock Street BreweryRye IPA2nd PlaceNo
RyeLiquid Art BrewingStep Your Game Up
3rd PlaceNo
StoutLost Tavern BrewingSlashing Pumpkins1st PlaceNo
StoutConyngham Brewing
Into Darkness2nd PlaceNo
StoutCoHops Brewery &
Goblin King3rd PlaceNo
PorterSaucony Creek Brewing
Nordic Wind Bactic
1st PlaceNo
PorterDock Street BreweryMan Full of Trouble Porter2nd PlaceNo
PorterBoom City BrewingFalling Maple Brown Ale3rd PlaceNo
BelgianStokers Brewing CompanyDIVINE1st PlaceNo
BelgianIsaac’s Craft Kitchen &
Hart Van Glas2nd PlaceNo
BelgianLocust Lane Craft BreweryBelgian Style Wit Ale2nd PlaceNo
BelgianDeer Creek MalthousePA Pride Multigrain
3rd PlaceYes
FruitedAllusion Brewing CompanyDown on Duval1st PlaceNo
FruitedCartel BrewingGeometric Fruit2nd PlaceNo
FruitedWallenpaupack BrewingLichtenhainer3rd PlaceNo
SourAllegheny City BrewingNova Gose Watermelon1st PlaceNo
SourMcallister BrewingGerardus Mercartor2nd PlaceNo
SourAldus Brewing CoWild Berry Sour3rd PlaceNo
BarrelBig Bottom BrewingThe Discipline of Fire
and Demise
1st PlaceNo
BarrelCartel BrewingObscurity1st PlaceNo
BarrelConyngham Brewing
Shipwreck II2nd PlaceNo
BarrelAldus Brewing CoRed Rye Revival Barrel3rd PlaceNo
BarrelShy Bear BrewingUltra Ryeligiously3rd PlaceNo
Wit / Wheat / SaisonSpring House Brewing CompanyTechnicolor1st PlaceNo
Wit / Wheat / SaisonMcCall CoBeerHay, Gris, Hay2nd PlaceNo
Wit / Wheat / SaisonMcCallister BrewingBelgian Style Peach Wit3rd PlaceNo

Whew that was a workout. Needless to say there’s no rhyme or reason to their PDF layout (if you click the link above you’ll see what I mean). Its also rife with spelling errors (of both beer names and breweries). But hopefully I made enough heads and tails for you to know who won and what they won.

PA Preferred

PA Preferred is a big deal, but even a bigger deal around Farm Show time. The breweries and brewers who do it make a big mention of it and a big “to – do” about it. The point of it is to use all Pennsylvania products, from the malt and grain to the hops and to the water and everything else in between. There is becoming more and more of a bigger push to go “all Pennsylvanian” with breweries. Troegs Brewing, Wallenpaupack Brewing, Logyard Brewing, Boneshire Brew Works, Hemauer Brewing, and several others are striving to make more and more of their beers this way.

For More Information on the Farm Show

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Thanks For Reading

Tomorrow I’ll do a break down of this article and give better statistics of the winners from the Farm Show. Running out of time this morning and have to get ready for work. So look for that tomorrow.

Hope everyone has gotten a chance to go to the Farm Show and support Pennsylvania and their local community. Plus – you might as well get a milkshake, everyone else is.

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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