Allusion Brewing Company Wins Two Top Awards

Allusion Brewing Company Wins Two Top Awards

Allusion Brewing Company receiving their awards at the Craft Beer Conference (Photo courtesy of Allusion Brewing Company’s Facebook)

Craft Beer Conference Awards

At the annual Craft Beer Conference (in Minneapolis, Minnesota this year), held over the past few days; Allusion Brewing Company received two awards. Both in “Craft Beer Marketing”. They won their awards for “Best Tap Handle” in the US and “Best Flight Display” in the US.

These are two big awards for the small brewery out of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. Receiving any award is always a great moment for any brewery, but being recognized at the Craft Beer Conference and winning a national award (and top place) is especially huge for the small hometown brewery.

The Awards

Much like the Great American Beer Fest, the World Beer Cup, and many others – the Craft Beer Conference has their own award ceremony where they announce winners in several different categories on a whole host of things.

Their first award was for “Best Flight Display” in the US. They have a very cool flight board, which are pull out drawers from an old library’s card catalog cabinet. They use the cabinet to keep track of the flights that are out. You can see the flight below:

A flight at Allusion Brewing Company

Their second award they have won was for “Best Tap Handle” in the US. I didn’t have a good picture of their tap handles, but found a picture of their bar background from TribLive back in 2020 (October 9th, 2020) when they were opening. You can see the tap handles in the background of it:

Allusion Brewing Company’s bar (at time of opening in October, 2020) (Photo Courtesy: TribLive Article – Allusion Brewing Co. to Open Saturday in Vandergrift)

Allusion Brewing Company

Allusion Brewing Company

I got to stop out at Allusion Brewing Company in November of 2020 when I was taking my trip out to Indianapolis and back. It was early in the day so the place wasn’t full yet (actually I was the only person there at the time, they had just opened), but it was a really lovely building and brewery. The beers were great. And if you are ever in the outskirts of Pittsburgh you definitely should stop in.

For more information on my trip there, you can check out these articles:

You can find them on Google Maps here: Allusion Brewing Company.

From Untappd, they are listed as a microbrewery from Vandergrift, PA. With 40 unique beers and 2,686 ratings. Their global average rating is 3.83. Their Untappd description reads: “Vandergrift’s hometown brewery, offering a consistent library of approachable beers taking the tradition of each style seriously. Craft beer is about bringing people together – come join our story.”

Allusion Brewing Company’s Announcement

The following is their Facebook and social media announcement about winning the awards:

Allusion Brewing Company receiving their award at the Craft Beer Conference (Photo Courtesy: Allusion Brewing Company – Facebook)

When we started Allusion Brewing Company, one thing we knew from the beginning is that we would give every aspect of our business our full effort to make it the best it could be.The effort we put into bringing you great beer is matched by how much we care that you have an amazing location and guest experience to drink that beer!All the compliments we get from all of you that come into the brewery show us that our efforts are appreciated.During the Craft Beer Conference in Minneapolis, we got recognition from our professional peers in the industry.Last night we were invited to a party hosted by the Craft Beer Marketing Awards program. 600 judges gave us the highest award in the US for two craft beer marketing categories.“Best Tap Handle” in the US!“Best Flight Display” in the US!Needless to say, it was a pretty good night!Huge shout out to the companies that helped us create these pieces and ultimately win these awards! Thank you Hankscraft AJS and Creation Lab!

Allusion Brewing Company (Social Media)

For More Information

For more information on Allusion Brewing Company, you can check out the following links:

Thanks For Reading

As always, thank you everyone for reading. Its so great to see local small hometown breweries getting national recognition and we’re so glad to see them grow and get acknowledged! We love posting about Pennsylvania and other local breweries winning awards, so be on the lookout for those.

And as always, stay tuned for plenty of great articles coming your way from us here at The Beer Thrillers. Hope you had a wonderful May the Fourth yesterday, and having a good Revenge of the Fifth today, and Cinco de Mayo.


-B. Kline

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