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Award Season

It is yet again another season of awards. The season of awards, not leaves falling, and changing color, not the season of flannel and firepits… nope…. no sirree…. this is the season of awards!

Before getting into the actual awards of this year and who won, you can take a look at past ‘awards’ articles here on The Beer Thrillers:

You can check out those articles here:

Let’s take a look at this year’s (2022’s) awards and winners:

2022 North American Guild of Beer Writers Awards and Winners

Best Beer Review

1. Adrian Tierney-Jones: The Arrow of Time — How JW Lees’ Harvest Ale Has Defined British Brewing for Decades, Good Beer Hunting
2. Brian Yaeger: Beer Pick of the Week: Crux Fermentation Project’s Full Gold, Sip Magazine
3. Josh Noel: Three Floyds has grown markedly during the last 10 years. Does it still have the magic?, Chicago Tribune

Best Short Form Writing

1. Ashley Joanna: The Sage, Belgian Smaak
2. Jonny Garrett: b-roll no. 610, Good Beer Hunting
3. Jerard Fagerberg: b-roll no. 617, Good Beer Hunting

Best Book

1. Tara Nurin: A Woman’s Place Is in the Brewhouse: A Forgotten History of Alewives, Brewsters, Witches, and CEOs, Chicago Review Press
2 (tie). Emily Sauter: Hooray for Craft Beer!: An Illustrated Guide to Beer, Brewers Publications
2 (tie). Jonny Garrett: A Year in Beer , CAMRA Books

Best Historical Writing

1. Theresa McCulla: Patsy Young — American Brewer, Fugitive from Slavery, Good Beer Hunting
2. Melanie Epp: A Sketchbook of Hops and War — How Poperinge’s Hop Farms Survived The Great War, Belgian Smaak
3. Brian Alberts: Name Your Poison — Americans’ 19th-Century Quest for ‘Pure’ Beer, Good Beer Hunting
Honorable Mention: Jamal Lemon: Tek Cyear uh de Root, Good Beer Hunting

Best Technical Writing

1. Franz D. Hofer: Zoiglbier: Brewing Up a Living Tradition in Bavaria’s Oberpfalz, Zymurgy
2. Jeff Alworth: Lost, Stock & Barrel: The Forgotten Funk of Old Ales, Craft Beer & Brewing
3. Jeff Alworth: What Happens to Beer When the Nights Warm?, Beervana
Honorable Mention: Anthony Gladman: Pillars of Tradition — How a New Generation of Brewers Returned to Decoction Mashing, Good Beer Hunting

Best Travel Writing

1. Lily Waite: Folk Round Here — The Blue Anchor Inn and Spingo Ales in Helston, Cornwall, Pellicle Magazine
2. Sorrel Moseley-Williams: Brewing Change in the Land of Grapes — Chachingo Craft Beer in Mendoza, Argentina, Good Beer Hunting
3. Jemma Beedie: The Connemara: Irish pub culture in wine country, Ferment

Best Beer & Food Writing

1. Jacopo Mazzeo: From Naples With Love — The Story Behind Italy’s Most Famous Food and Beer Pairing, Good Beer Hunting
2. Evan Rail: Homebound Beer Lovers Are Recreating Their Favorite Global Beer Snacks, VinePair
3. Stephanie Grant: Easy Like Sunday Morning — Southern Guinness Pie with Guinness Draught, Good Beer Hunting

Best Business Writing

1. Josh Noel: Goose Island’s Bourbon County beers hit shelves on Black Friday — but some small shops say they’re unfairly denied access to the most-coveted brands, Chicago Tribune
2. Laura Hadland: Pillar of the Community, BEER Magazine
3. Anthony Gladman: Stick or Twist: England’s hop growers on a knife edge, BEER Magazine

Best Commentary

1. Beth Demmon: Craft Beer Faces a Gender and Race Reckoning, Civil Eats
2. David Nilsen, It’s Okay that You’re Not Okay, Porch Drinking
3. Helen Anne Smith: Last Call — The Human Sustainability Crisis at the Heart of the Hospitality Industry, Good Beer Hunting
Honorable Mention: Jim Vorel: If We Look Away, The Beer World’s Sexism Will Always Return to the Status Quo, Paste Magazine

Best Podcast/Broadcast

1. Breandán Kearney: The Belgian Smaak Podcast, Belgian Smaak
2. Kindsey Bernhard: Boys Are From Marzen: A Woman in Beer Podcast, Porch Drinking
3. Host Collective: The Good Beer Hunting Podcast, Good Beer Hunting

Best Blog

1. Beth Demmon: Prohibitchin’
2. Jeff Alworth: Beervana
3. Evan Rail: Retrocausality, Good Beer Hunting
Honorable Mention: Lily Waite: The Pull of Joy, Good Beer Hunting

Best Brewery Profile

1. Philip Runco: Little Fish, Big Tale: How Fast Fashion Caught Its Own Hop, DC Beer
2. Ariana DiValentino: We Deserve Nice Things — Carving Out Space with Dyke Beer, in New York City, Pellicle Magazine
3. Ruth Dsouza Prabhu: Banyan Trees and Belgian Ales — Geist Craft Beer in Bangalore, India, Good Beer Hunting
Honorable Mention: Hollie Stephens: Sierra Nevada: Mills River, Brewer and Distiller International

Best Local Reporting

1. Andi Prewitt: Tipping Point: Business has been tough for the traditional beer bar, which faces stiff competition and lasting effects from the pandemic., Willamette Week
2. Jeff Alworth: ‘Bud Clark is Serious’ – Remembering Portland’s Most Famous Publican, Beervana
3. Josh Noel: Goose Island workers tried to unionize before the COVID-19 pandemic. The company pushed back — and then laid off leaders of the effort., Chicago Tribune
Honorable Mention: Melanie Epp: Up And Running — The Rise Of Independent Beer In Ghent, Belgian Smaak

Best National/International Reporting

1. Atinuke Akintola Diver: ‘A Black Woman Made This Beer’ — How Historically Black Colleges and Universities Shaped a Generation of Black Women Brewers, Good Beer Hunting
2. Courtney Iseman: How Native American Breweries Are Reclaiming Their Identities Through Beer, Thrillist
3. Will Hawkes: Black by Day, Red by Night, Good Beer Hunting
Honorable Mention: John Holl: ‘Great Hops Make Great Beer’: How U.S. Agriculture Grows with Craft Breweries, Wine Enthusiast

Great Articles

That is a lot of great articles. I fully recommend going through that list and reading what you find interesting. There’s so much good stuff there with the links to most of the articles in question (or a way to get access to the articles that won). Some fantastic writers like Jeff Alworth, Beth Demmon, etc. And of course some great blogs like Beervana and Good Beer Hunting. Be sure to check out the links and read up!

Emerging Voices

The North American Guild of Beer Writers also wanted to celebrate, showcase, and endorse some of the newest writers in the field. The following is the description used by North American Guild of Beer Writers: “We also celebrated Emerging Voices selected by our judges. These are journalists who’ve covered beer less than three years and produced high quality work.”

The following list is those that they wanted to recognize:

Ashley Joanna

Melanie Epp

William Costa

Jessica Infante

Stephanie Shuttleworth

Ray Ricky Rivera

Andrew Sanders

Noelle Phillips

Jemma Beedie

North American Guild of Beer Writers

The North American Guild of Beer Writers is the preeminent guild for writers about craft beer (and the beer industry). You can find out more about them here – at their homepage:

This year for their awards they had “about” 250 entries submitted across 14 different genres, from all over the world. The Beer Thrillers are a member of the Guild but we did not submit any writings this year. We are looking to do so in 2023 (and had honestly meant to submit some this year, but a lot of real life time issues popped up around the time). But here is looking to 2023 when we hopefully will get something submitted – and who knows; possibly even win!

Cheers and congratulations to all the winners announced this year!

Again, you can read past North American Guild of Beer Writers award winners here:

To see their page of winners, directly from the source, you can go here:

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