2020 NAGBW Awards

2020 NAGBW Awards

To coincide with the Great American Beer Festival, the North American Guild of Beer Writers held their their annual awards ceremony on October 17th. You can read about the Pennsylvania brewery winners at the 2020 GABF here.

The below is the list of the 2020 NAGBW Awards and links to their works (when / where applicable).

Best Beer Review:

They also announced an honorable mention for: A Wake-Up Call — Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Breakfast by Jonny Garrett, Good Beer Hunting

Best Short Form Writing:

Best Book:

They also announced an honorable mention for: Denver Beer: A History of Mile High Brewing by Jonathan Shikes

Best Historical Writing:

Best Technical Writing:

They also announced an honorable mention for: Welcome to Fringe Division — The Innovative Malting Technology That’s Producing Better Beer by Matthew Curtis, Good Beer Hunting

Best Beer and Food Writing:

With an honorable mention for: Michelin-starred Band of Bohemia isn’t Chicago’s best brewery — but here’s why it’s among the most essential by Josh Noel, Chicago Tribune

Best Beer Travel Writing:

An honorable mention for: A Lifetime Spent Weathering the Storm — Adnams Brewery in Suffolk, U.K. by Adrian Tierney-Jones, Good Beer Hunting

Best Beer Business Writing:

An honorable mention was also given to: Healthier Booze: It’s a Lifestyle (Trend) by Joe Stange, Craft Beer & Brewing

Best Beer Criticism, Essay, and / or Commentary:

Best Beer Blog:

Best Beer Podcast, Radio, Broadcast, or Audio:

An honorable mention was given to: Cabin Fever by Eoghan Walsh, Brussels Beer City

Best Local Beer Reporting:

Honorable mention: The Pursuit of Freshness — Admiral Maltings in Alameda, California by Alyssa Pereira, Good Beer Hunting

Best National or International Beer Reporting:

You can read more about the awards given, the NAGBW in general, at The Reporter’s Notebook:

To read more about the Pennsylvania GABF Winners, click here:

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And in better, happier news, check out our articles on brewery openings:

Be sure to check out our other articles on brewery openings:

Hopefully, someday soon, maybe I’ll have some writing nominated, or at least even read by the NAGBW. One can only hope, fingers crossed, toes crossed, etc.

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As always, thanks for reading, stay safe!


-B. Kline

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