Going on the Road

Going on the Road

Part of The Beer Thrillers team is going on the road Thursday-Saturday (August 1st through August 3rd) hitting some breweries in the upper central and lower western areas of Pennsylvania.

Between hitting landmarks and parks like Kinzua Bridge, Woodring Farm, Fort Pitt, Bushy Run Battlefield, Flight 93 Memorial, there will be plenty of time for breweries.

The itinerary for the next three days (fingers crossed) are as follows:

* Logyard Brewing Company (Kane, PA)
* Straub Brewing Company (St. Mary’s, PA)
* Clarion River Brewing Company (Clarion, PA)

* ShuBrew (Pittsburgh, PA)
* Cinderlands (Pittsburgh, PA)
* The Church Brew Works (Pittsburgh, PA)
* Yellow Bridge Brewing Company (Delmont, PA)

* Stone Bridge Brewing Company
* Olde Bedford Brewing Company (Bedford, PA)

Fingers crossed once again, there will be daily updates of the brewery tours or at least Tweets on our Twitter ( https://twitter.com/thebeerthriller).

Looking forward to getting to explore parts of Pennsylvania and more breweries and getting to write up some reviews on their breweries/facilities and their beers. So stay tuned!

-B. Kline

August Road Trip Series:

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