Beer Review: Fall Hippo (Boneshire Brew Works)

Beer Review: Fall Hippo (Boneshire Brew Works)

Fall Hippo by Boneshire Brew Works

Fall Season

It is certainly that time of year… fall; and you can feel it in the crisp and cool air. And that means this time in the Hippo series, it needs to take a ‘fall’ turn and change, going from blue to red to pink to… fall. While maybe not a color like the others, fall is definitely a feeling, and works well for the series’ evolution.

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Mug Club

As you can see, my beer in question here is in a mug rather than a normal glass or anything. Sunday (Halloween Day, October 31st), me and a friend stopped in around noon to enjoy their 5th Anniversary ‘Shire’ Pastry Flight (you can read that here: Multiple Beer Reviews – Shire Pastries) and also get to try the new Fall Hippo. And lets just say, we enjoyed all five new beers.

The mug club is such a good deal if your a regular. Most breweries have them, and their typically relatively the same across the breweries with some different perks and add-ons and bonuses. One of my favorite perks is that the mug is 20oz rather than the normal 16oz, so all of your beers you get are 20oz pours rather than 16oz pours. Thats a big perk in my opinion, especially when you go often enough.

(Only downside is taking pictures for the blog, without the clear glass, but the overhead view is still good, and you still get an idea of the beer anyway.)

Beer Review

Fall Hippo by Boneshire Brew Works

Beer: Fall Hippo
Brewery: Boneshire Brew Works
Style: Fruit Beer
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: None
Untappd Description: Next up in our Hippo Series, Fall Hippo. Brewed with Cranberry, Pie Spices, and Lactose. Fall desert in a glass.

Aroma is pretty on point with the description, and is certainly a fall desert in a glass aromatically. You get the cranberry and pie spices right up in those nostril canals when you lean in for a good whiff. Its not quite “pie on the window sill cooling” strong, but the notes are all present and you can smell them.

Appearance is hard to tell from the picture (but you can check Untappd for numerous other pictures here – Untappd: Fall Hippo). But, overall, it has a lovely pinkish, off cranberry coloring to it. Like a lighter, more diffused cranberry, maybe a cranberry mixed with water and other juices or similar. (Note: I am not saying its watered down, just trying to give an apt description of the appearance.)

Taste is lovely for this fine beer. Very enjoyable. This is a completely comfortable, ‘kill a four pack in one sitting’ smooth, easy beer. This is a wonderful all day sipper, you can crush a four pack (or more!) of these, and have no problems. Its not too tart to give you acid reflux or anything, and its not too heavy ABV that it’ll get your head swimming. You get a notable cranberry tartness to it, but its not too much, not too overpowering, or lip-puckering or anything like that. And its not too tart or acidic that it’ll you acid reflux or anything like that either. You can pick up the pie spice notes, that gives it this little extra ‘kick’ to it. There is a slick, smooth, slightly creamy feel and taste to it (feel moreso, taste is subtle) which is from the addition of the lactose (or I might be overreaching and thinking thats what its from). Its a very well balanced beer, nothing is overpowering or too much, everything is pretty much good accordance with each other. The mouthfeel is on point. There’s no slickness or cloying to it. It just tastes nice and smooth and light. Its also easy on the head with the ABV, though the lactose might make it not so easy on stomachs. All in all, this is just a smooth, easy drinking beer, that you could sit around the fire with, or sit around all day watching some football games (or early morning futbol games) and be fine at the end of the day, so thats just a win all around right there.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Average Rating: 3.86 (as of 11.7.21)

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Small Brewery Sunday Giveaway

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