Beer Review: Good Walk Spoiled (Boneshire Brew Works)

Beer Review: Good Walk Spoiled (Boneshire Brew Works)

Good Walk Spoiled, on draft at Boneshire Brewery.

I can’t wrte enough to keep up with my drinking, or I’m drinking too much to write, or I’m not writing enough, or my writing is too much to keep up with my drinking…. or something like that. But, here’s to trying to get to my backlog of writing I need to do…. while out drinking and making myself do more writing!

Because I have to review this beer. And I have to review the other I had last night (one of my favorites from Boneshire) and I have to write up the events I went to, and I have to do my hop harvest at home, which means I have to do a write-up on that….

So… enough meandering and procrastinating and time to get into the writing so I can drink more and write more!

Beer: Good Walk Spoiled
Brewery: Boneshire Brew Works
Style: Sour – Other
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up:
This brew is a collaboration with our Mugger of the year winner Clay Griffith. Clay wanted us to push the envelope and brew an Arnie Palmer (iced tea and lemonade combo) so we did.

Kudos to both Boneshire and Mug Club of the year Clay Griffith because this is a very well done and very refreshing and tasty brew.

Especially given the fact that I hate tea, iced tea, warmed tea, normal tea, not so normal tea, black tea, green tea, blue tea, red tea, pink hibiscus with himalayan salt tea — all tea. (Meanwhile thats the only thing my mom drinks.)

This doesn’t drink as an alcoholic iced tea however. And I can’t speak for it tasting like an Arnie Palmer (because I don’t drink those/never have). What I can say is, this tastes very tart, very lemon forward. Powerfully so.

Luckily, I love lemons, and love lemon flavor.

And that is exactly what you get with this, in huge amounts. You do get some iced tea notes, but they are very subtle (or just overpowered by the lemon). It is an extremely refreshing beer, and it is tart. Its a great golf beer (which I suppose is the point of it all now isn’t it?). (Thus the name of the beer right?)

Clocking in at 4.5% you could easily bring a 4pk of these bad boys to the golf course and be perfectly fine for the first 9 (and of course you’d need a second 4pk for the back 9). It probably won’t even mess up your total either. (I know, you’ll still hit +12 over par anyway, so don’t feel bad when you maybe go +13 instead.)

Since Tattered Flag’s canning didn’t happen today (carbonation issues, so it was a no-go), I will most likely have another review later today followed up (hopefully) by the Moo-Funk event review. And who knows, maybe Saturday/Sunday despite working, I might get caught up on the events and hop harvest blog posts, and start in on my laundry list of beer reviews Monday……

Stranger things have happened!

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 4.25 (as of 7.26.19)

Until next time everyone, enjoy!
– B. Kline

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