Boneshire Brew Works is Celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary

Boneshire Brew Works is Celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary

Boneshire Brew Works is celebrating its 5th anniversary all Halloween weekend at their brewery on Derry Street.

Five Years

It’s hard to believe that Boneshire Brew Works is already celebrating their fifth anniversary – it honestly feels like they’ve just opened their brewery on Derry Street in Rutherford, Pennsylvania. It feels like they were just having their soft opening, sitting at the bar chatting with Alan, Alex, and Carson. And then the second day of their soft opening weekend, standing at the wall, because it was so jam packed that there was nowhere else to even stand.

And they’ve certainly come a long way too from that first soft opening day. They’ve added a second brewery – Boneshire at Soma – they’ve introduced numerous flagship favorites (like Green Machine, Testify, their LazaRIS series, the Caucus-Race series, etc.), they’ve changed the inside of their building, added food (pizzas finally!), and even survived and weathered the COVID-19 pandemic.

So its fantastic to see them still growing, still expanding, and getting to celebrate their fifth anniversary. This weekend looks like it’s going to be a blast!

Let the Party Begin!

As per yearly tradition on / around their anniversary time – Boneshire Brew Works throws a weekend party celebrating their anniversary. This year it will be Friday October 29th, 2021 through Sunday October 31st, 2021. What a perfect time to end the party – Halloween Night!

As their Facebook post reads:

Can’t believe it has been 5 years! Help us celebrate the 5 years of shenanigans starting next Friday, October 29th through October 31st. Join us for Mexican LazaRIS release, plus French Toast, Cinnamon Bun, Coconut, and Hazelnut Stouts! Food specials – Cheese Steak Pizza, Reuben Flip, and Mexican LazaRIS Chili!

Boneshire Brew Works – Facebook

Looks like quite the lineup of LazaRIS variants! Mexican LazaRIS, French Toast LazaRIS, Cinnamon Bun LazaRIS, Coconut LazaRIS, and Hazelnut LazaRIS. All sound super fantastic! (Especially – personally – looking forward to the French Toast and Cinnamon Bun ones.)

On top of this, there will be some excellent food options – Cheese Steak Pizza, Reuben Flip, and even Mexican LazaRIS chili!

And of course, this wouldn’t be a party without some live music! On Friday from 6PM to 9PM ‘Lil Brother Band’ will be in the brewery jamming out, and on Saturday from 6PM to 9PM it will be Nate Myers rocking the brewery. Be sure to check out both of them.

Its Always a Great Time

The anniversary celebrations at Boneshire Brew Works is always epic and a great time. So be sure to stop in and check it out. Past years have been amazing just as much, and I know this year’s will be too. There is so many good beer options (not just stouts – lots of other styles like IPAs and Sours as well), as well as food options, great music, and one of the most laid back and fun atmospheres. So be sure to check the party out.

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Stay safe, and cheers, hopefully I’ll see you at the 5th Anniversary Celebration!

-B. Kline

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