Cheers from Default Brewing!

Cheers from Default Brewing!

We here at Default Brewing are beyond excited to have been invited to be a coauthor for the blog! We’ve been blessed to have some great influences, amazing support, raw talent, and a good bit of luck. We’d like to share some of our experiences and lessons learned to give some insight on our take of home brewing.

Here at Default we have multiple brewers, it’s more of a club than anything. Currently we are comprised of an average of three with many surprise visitors. We bounce ideas off of each other and help on brew days to make it smoother and enjoy the camaraderie.

We by no means consider ourselves to be better than anyone, but would like to share our experiences to maybe help someone else. When it comes to brewing there are many variables and what works for us may not for you. We just appreciate the ability to start some discussions and reach out to people.

Look forward to posts varying from equipment, ingredients, company and brewery reviews. We appreciate any feedback you may have, that’s how we grow!

-AJ Brechbiel
–Default Brewing

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