Default Brewing

Default Brewing

Big, wonderful, fantastic news is coming to The Beer Thrillers! Excited to finally announce that we have our own home brewing section soon to start up. AJ Brechbiel is an amazing home brewer who along with a buddy (sometimes buddies) brew under the name ‘Default Brewing’. You can check their Facebook page here: Default Brewing.

AJ comes with an immense amount of experience and knowledge about home brewing and beer and the industry and cannot wait to further that knowledge here on the blog. He is looking forward to imparting his wisdom onto all of you.

So for those of you who are home brewers, or into home brewing, or just want to learn or read up about home brewing or the brewing process, stay tuned for all of AJ’s future posts. They will definitely be ones you won’t want to miss. I know I am excited to have him onboard and to see The Beer Thrillers expand and grow and our team of dedicated writers getting bigger and better and larger.


Some additional house keeping notes, our FaceBook page has reached 106 Likes and were looking to keep that growing. So check out our FaceBook page and click like to get the latest information. Likewise, our Twitter following has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few days. We are up to 91 and looking to break 100 by the end of November.

We are also still currently listed as #11 on FeedSpot’s Top 100 Beer Blogs. You can see a full ranking of their top blogs here, and see that we’ve been at #11 for quite a while nice. Would be amazing to crack the Top 10 by year’s end!


We were recently asked by Matt, owner / brewer for Mellow Mink to meet with him for a behind the scenes look at a brewday and to try out some of their newest samplings. That was in the works for today, but it has gotten pushed back to December (most likely either December 5th or December 12th). This is a wonderful opportunity and we can’t wait for it. So please check in with us to see that great article once its published.


My (B. Kline) version of NaNoWriMo is still going strong. Though this is a bit of a ‘cheat article / blog post today, I’m still counting it. (I’m above using emojis in my post, but just imagine me sticking my tongue out at you right now.) This marks the 21st day of November, and the 21st day of blog posts (at least one per day). Granted I got some of them in and published just in the nick of time (last night’s got published at 11:58PM EST), but I have still maintained my record of one per day.

I am going to be going back through and combing the beer and brewery reviews to make sure they are consistent with future styling. I am going to be adding a category for ‘style’, and that will make it easier if you want to see a STOUT review or a IPA review or a PILSNER review. You can scroll down to the Category: Style and select STOUT or SOUR or what have you, and be able to see all of our reviews of that style of beer. I will be doing the same with locations and maintaining a better listing for all of that going forward. I am also going to go back through and work on some of the backlinking to make navigating around the blog a bit easier and more fun.

As always, we here at The Beer Thrillers, myself (B. Kline), J. Doncevic, and AJ / Default Brewing, are extremely thankful for you, and that you’ve taken the time to read our articles and blog posts. So please, in the future, leave us some feedback. We love comments and feedback. Let us know what kind of reviews or blog posts you want to see more of in the future. Or if there’s a beer you think we should review or a brewery we need to check out and review. Let us know. We love hearing from you!


Thank you everyone for reading and please welcome AJ Brechbier and Default Brewing on board. We are so grateful to have him here and can’t wait to read what all he has to say!


Cheers all!


-B. Kline


— The Beer Thrillers Staff



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