Meet the crew from Default Brewing

Meet the crew from Default Brewing

Here at Default we have a variety of individuals involved with our group. The originator of the group is AJ Brechbiel. AJ’s wife Katie Brechbiel, and good friend Stan Woodward Jr have been crucial to keeping the wheels turning. We have many people that pop in and out to visit, assist, or brew their own batch. The atmosphere is very welcoming and inviting.

AJ has been brewing for a little over three and a half years. His first experience brewing was helping with a batch in his buddy’s kitchen. After helping with about three sessions it was time to try his hand with his own recipe. AJ started with all grain right off the bat. He has competed at Harrisburg Beer Week twice and three times in Hanover at the Miscreation Brewing Co. competition. Through the years and experiences there has been a lot of lessons learned and unforgettable memories. If it wasn’t for his wife’s support, and cleaning abilities, this wouldn’t be possible. She has been a teacher for 15 years and he has recently gone full time in the beverage industry. AJ is a brewer and beertender that wears multiple hats at a new brewery and also works part time at a local popular distributor.

Stan Woodward Jr came into brewing by shear curiosity. He only has a quarter of a years worth of experience but enjoys the learning portion. He met AJ, and started helping with brew days, and since been a part of the Default Brewing collective. He has been working around the beer industry for a year, and has been into craft beer for three years previous. Currently he is a full time associate at the largest, and one of the most popular distributors in town.

The variety of recipes and the brainstorming that goes on keeps us fresh and innovative. No matter our walks of life, we are here for each other as friends, family, hobbiests, and professionals. We look forward to many more brew days and visitors over the years. Here’s to bending the rules and having fun!

AJ Brechbiel & Default Brewing

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