Beer Review: Lager (Newfangled Brew Works)

Beer Review: Lager (Newfangled Brew Works)

Lager by Newfangled Brew Works, outside of Harrisburg PA

Normally I don’t do back-to-back beer reviews from the same brewery or from the same trip to a place…. but…. this time I am. (Though I did do it recently with the reviews from the Gin Mill of King Sue and Intergalactic Warrior ; and then followed it up with a review of the Secret Machine which I also had at the Gin Mill). I don’t also like to keep doing the same breweries over and over, and me and J. Doncevic discussed this a bit recently. (Though, I just did Newfangled Brew Works’ Pumpkin Stout on November 1st, and their Double IPA yesterday – November 16th. I also did their Twin Mount .50 beer, as part of my multiple beer review flight I had at Tattered Flag on Veterans Day as well.) Its very nice to have a large variety. Some locals to give them some attention, and some bigger, national beers, that gets attention from all over. So this might be a bit of an outlier review. BUT…. also… we don’t do many lager reviews. Lots of IPA and Stout and Sour beer reviews here on the blog. Few pilsners, lagers, etc. So its a nice change of pace at least in that way. Plus…. I am doing 30 blog posts in 30 days…. so I need to write, write, write, and get as much out as I can….. (Plus, I’m also doing 30 new beers, one at least per day.)

Beer: Lager
Brewery: Newfangled Brew Works
Style: Lager – Pale
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 20
Untappd Write-Up: When someone asks for a beer, this is the “beer” to get. Brewed to be a tasty light straw colored beer thats great for backyard parties, lawn mowing, and drinking on our patio. Sort if a bridge between adjunct American Pils and classic Cream Ale this is just a refreshing BEER.

This is a lager. This is a tasty lager. This is how a lager should be. Not Budweiser. Not Coors Lite. Not Miller Lite. Not any of that crap. This is how a lager should be. And I have to think all of those who drink the above mentioned, would be more happy drinking this (or at least just as happy). And if blindfolded and given a blind-tasting, they either 1) choose this because of its taste, or 2) can’t really tell the difference between Bud, Coors, Miller, and this would just be as acceptable to them.

Appearance is a ‘lite beer’ coloring. Clear, like pilsners, with nice consistent constant bubbling. Light straw coloring, filtered, little bit of head with very nice carbonation though as you can tell from the bubbles, and good lacing on the glass as you drain it down.

Aroma – there isn’t really much to say here. It smells like beer, it smells like your typical beer. Here you’ll notice the biggest similarity with Coors, Miller, Bud, in that it smells the same as those, with no discernible difference.

Taste is super smooth, super crisp, super refreshing. It is basically just an upgraded, much better, vastly improved version of a Coors Lite or Miller Lite. Of a really good lager done really well. Its got a slickness that those don’t though, a much smoother and easier to drink, almost creamy like quality to it. This is a perfect summer time beer, a perfect fall time beer, a nice winter beer indoors, watching football, watching soccer, watching baseball, mowing, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. Just a well rounded, well made, tasty, enjoyable lager. Would be perfect in cases for parties at home on Labor Day or Memorial Day or whatever with friends who only drink the ‘swill of the masses’ and other ‘crap not craft’ beers.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.45 (as of 11.17.19)

Cheers all! Have yourself a fantastic Sunday and go out there and be awesome!

-B. Kline

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