Pittsburgh Brewing to Launch The Red Eye

Pittsburgh Brewing to Launch The Red Eye

Pittsburgh Brewing to Launch The Red Eye

This Pittsburgh Pale Ale is leaving early, too early perhaps, leaving many with a morning headache, blood shot red eyes, and a thirst on the plane ride out of Pittsburgh.

Brewed on their small research and development ‘pilot system’, The Red Eye is a “Pittsburgh” Pale Ale, clocking in at 6%. The pilot system for Pittsburgh Brewing Company is a 10 – barrel system used to try out new ideas and to test new thoughts.

As per Pittsburgh Brewing Company’s description:

The Red Eye features imported German caramel rye, giving it a distinct amber hue while also providing piney, earthy, and floral hop notes with a clean bite, thanks to the foundation of Amarillo and Chinook.

It is then marinated in the finishing tank with the concentrated oils of Crosby CXG Chinook, intensifying the tropical and citrus notes. All these flavors combine to create the perfect Pittsburgh pale ale, standing at 6% ABV, to be enjoyed by all.

Pittsburgh Brewing Co. – Facebook Post

Keep this beer on your radar and monitor its whearabouts, because its going to be a tasty Pittsburghian Pale Ale.

Pittsburgh Brewing Company

The following comes via Untappd.

The Pittsburgh Brewing Company is a regional brewery out of Creighton, PA. They have 17 unique beers and over 80,000 ratings with a global average rating of 2.98 (as of 1.18.24).

Their Untappd description reads: “Since 1861, Pittsburgh Brewing Company has always been committed to a few things: deep roots in the Pittsburgh community, strong tradition, innovation, and of course, brewing great beer. We’ve been at it for 160 years, and with every bottle we keep getting better.”

You can find them on the following social media pages:

Full Announcement Post

Here is the full announcement post:

Late Arriving or Right on Time?💼

Introducing our Red Eye that is now available exclusively in the Brewery Store. A beer that melds the flavorful drinkability that sparked a revolution with the vibrant, evolved hop character cultivated by the craft movement it inspired.

The world didn’t need another Pale Ale, so we crafted ours to combine our favorite elements of all generations of

Amarillo and Chinook create a classic foundation of piney, earthy, and floral hop notes with a clean, bitter bite.

Imported Wayermann®️ German Caramel Ryelend a distinct amber hue and depth to the hops’ spicy undertones.

In the finishing tank, the concentrated oils of Crosby CXG Chinook intensify the tropical and citrus notes hopheads crave.

The result is at once familiar and singular. forward-looking, yet a product of the moment.

We hope that’s enough to earn a spot in your fridge. Available now in our Brewery Store.


Pittsburgh Brewing Co. – Facebook Post


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