Sipping on the Edge: Exploring the Top 5 Highest ABV Beers

Sipping on the Edge: Exploring the Top 5 Highest ABV Beers

The Highest ABV Beers

With Utopias by Sam Adams coming out again, I thought it’d be a great time to look at some of the highest ABV beers out there on the market. Its one of the most frequent questions I see and get here at the blog too.

Typically most think its Utopias because its the most recognizable high – ABV beer. But surprisingly it actually only comes in at number five on the list. So let’s take a look at the Top 5 Highest ABV Beers.

High ABV Beers

Craft beer enthusiasts are no strangers to the pursuit of bold and daring flavors. While the craft beer industry continually pushes the boundaries of taste and creativity, some brewers have taken it to the next level by creating exceptionally high-ABV (Alcohol by Volume) brews. In this article, we’re going to explore the world of extreme beers and introduce you to the top 5 highest ABV beers that have left beer aficionados in awe.

The Top 5 Highest ABV Beers

Here is the current Top 5 Highest ABV beers.

1. “Snake Venom” by Brewmeister – ABV: 67.5%

Snake Venom by Brewmeister

Brewmeister’s “Snake Venom” takes the top spot in our list, boasting a staggering ABV of 67.5%. This Scottish brewery is renowned for pushing the limits, and “Snake Venom” is no exception. This beer is not for the faint of heart, as its high alcohol content is balanced by a rich malty sweetness and notes of caramel, dark fruits, and alcohol warmth. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

2. “Armageddon” by Brewmeister – ABV: 65%

Armageddon by Brewmeister

Returning to Brewmeister, we find “Armageddon,” a beer with an intense ABV of 65%. This beer showcases the brewery’s knack for creating high-ABV brews while maintaining balance. Expect bold flavors of caramel, toffee, and a powerful alcohol kick that warms you up on even the coldest of nights.

3. “Schorschbock 57” by Schorschbräu – ABV: 57.5%

Schorschbock 57 by Schorschbräu

German brewery Schorschbräu’s “Schorschbock 57” secures the second spot with an ABV of 57.5%. This powerful brew showcases the art of traditional German brewing techniques, resulting in a strong and flavorful beer with a malt-forward profile. You’ll find hints of toffee, molasses, and a noticeable alcoholic punch in each sip.

4. “The End of History” by BrewDog – 55% ABV

The End of History by BrewDog

BrewDog, a Scottish craft beer icon, created “The End of History,” a beer that pushes the boundaries of both ABV and presentation. With an ABV of 55%, this beer is a limited edition and known for its unique packaging – it’s encased in taxidermy animals! The beer itself offers a complex, sweet, and spicy experience with a warming finish.

The End of History certainly wins the prize for strangest (or weirdest) bottle as well.

5. “Utopias” by Samuel Adams – Varies (usually over 20%)

Utopias by Sam Adams

Samuel Adams’ “Utopias” is an American strong ale that defies traditional categorization. While its ABV varies from batch to batch, it typically exceeds 20%. This beer is aged in a variety of barrels, including sherry, cognac, and bourbon, resulting in a complex and rich profile. Expect flavors of dark fruit, toffee, and a subtle warming sensation that lingers.

Surprisingly Sam Adams’ Utopias is also the only American brewery on the list. Brewmeister and BrewDog are primarily out of Scotland (though BrewDog has some American locations), and Schorschbräu is from Germany.

Utopias also wins for best looking, most elegant, and beautiful bottle. Especially compared to BrewDog’s “The End of History”.

Extreme ABV Beers

And there’s still plenty more extreme ABV beers out there. Many in the 20% range, and Dogfish Head has several stouts and IPAs that clock in around the 16 – 18% mark. And breweries are coming up with new beers all the time, so be on the look out for new and exciting extreme ABV beers in the future.

Extreme ABV beers are a unique and adventurous journey for those who seek something beyond the ordinary in their craft beer experience. While sipping on these high-ABV brews, it’s crucial to remember to consume them responsibly and in moderation. These potent beers are meant to be savored slowly, so you can appreciate the intricacies of their flavor profiles and the skill that goes into crafting them.

If you’re a daring beer enthusiast looking for a memorable and intense tasting experience, exploring these top 5 highest ABV beers should be on your bucket list. Each one offers a unique adventure for your taste buds and a story to share with your fellow beer connoisseurs. So, the next time you’re in the mood for something extraordinary, reach for one of these remarkable brews and raise your glass to the audacious spirit of craft beer brewing. Cheers!

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