The Battle of the Breweries (2023) – Round of 16 Overview

The Battle of the Breweries (2023) – Round of 16 Overview

The Battle of the Breweries (2023)

Round of 16

This is going to be the big overview page for all things Round 16 of the 2023 Battle of the Breweries. Below will be the pages to vote for each conference, as well as the results from previous group stage.

Voting Rules

You can vote daily for your favorite breweries in each conference. Voting ends Sunday night, March 12th, at 11:59:59 PM EST. So make sure you get your votes in early and often! And be sure to share and bookmark the page to help your favorite breweries even more.

Voting Pages

Results From The Group Stage

Recap Of Chinook Conference

Chinook Conference Seeding

The Chinook Conference Bracket

The below is the Chinook Conference seeding based on their Untappd global average rating.

  1. Cushwa Brewing Company (4.08)
  2. Burley Oak Brewery (4.04)
  3. South County Brewing Company (4.00)
  4. Ever Grain Brewing (3.99)
  5. Pineknotter Brewing Company (3.91)
  6. Forbes Trail Brewing Company (3.91)
  7. Black Flag Brewing Company (3.88)
  8. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (3.84)
  9. Tattered Flag Brewery (3.78)
  10. Cox Brewing Company (3.76)
  11. Rusty Rail Brewing (3.69)
  12. Harper’s Ferry Brewing Company (3.67)
  13. Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company (3.66)
  14. Compass Mill Tap House (3.66)
  15. Valhalla Brewing (3.56)
  16. Sly Fox Brewing (3.55)

As the brackets show above in the first round – 1 will face 16, 2 will face 15, 3 will face 14, etc. Its single elimination straight linear tournament.

Recap of Nugget Conference

Nugget Conference Seeding

Nugget Conference Bracket

The below is the Nugget Conference seeding based on their Untappd global average rating.

  1. Hitchhiker Brewing Company (3.96)
  2. Elder Pine Brewing and Blending (3.95)
  3. Yellow Bridge Brewing Company (3.88)
  4. Inner Groove Brewing Company (3.88)
  5. Mellow Mink Brewing Company (3.87)
  6. Allusion Brewing Company (3.84)
  7. Troegs Independent Craft Brewing (3.79)
  8. Von C Brewing (3.79)
  9. Shy Bear Brewing (3.78)
  10. Bullfrog Brewery (3.72)
  11. Chatty Monks Brewing (3.71)
  12. ZeroDay Brewing Company (3.70)
  13. 7 Mile Brewery (3.69)
  14. Victory Brewing Company (3.67)
  15. Bunnyman Brewing Company (3.65)
  16. Black Forest Brewery (3.64)

Saaz Conference Recap

Saaz Conference Seeding

Saaz Conference Bracket

The below is the Saaz Conference seeding based on their Untappd global average rating.

  1. Warwick Farm Brewing (4.10)
  2. Fourscore Beer Co. (4.07)
  3. Human Robot Beer (4.05)
  4. RAR Brewing (4.00)
  5. New Trail Brewing Company (3.98)
  6. Levante Brewing Company (3.97)
  7. Pizza Boy Brewing (3.87)
  8. Strange Roots Experimental Ales (3.86)
  9. Southern Tier Brewing Company (3.79)
  10. Cape May Brewing (3.74)
  11. AleCraft Brewing Company (3.73)
  12. Slate Farm Brewing (3.71)
  13. Robin Hood Brewing Company (3.70)
  14. Old Ox Brewery (3.66)
  15. Fat Bat Brewing (3.66)
  16. Appalachian Brewing Company (3.54)

Walhalla Conference Recap

Walhalla Conference Seeding

Walhalla Conference Bracket

The below is the Walhalla Conference seeding based on their Untappd global average rating.

  1. Other Half Brewing Company (4.23)
  2. Dewey Beer Co. (4.07)
  3. Adroit Theory (4.06)
  4. VooDoo Brewing Company (3.96)
  5. Wolf Brewing Company (3.92)
  6. Collusion Tap Works (3.89)
  7. Brewery Fire (3.88)
  8. Boneshire Brew Works (3.84)
  9. Funk Brewing Company (3.84)
  10. LoveDraft’s Brewing Company (3.82)
  11. Mad Chef Brewing (3.81)
  12. Juniata Brewing Company (3.77)
  13. Jackass Brewing (3.70)
  14. Snitz Creek Brewing (3.69)
  15. Big Truck Farm Brewing (3.68)
  16. Lost Rhino Brewing Company (3.59)

As the brackets show above in the first round – 1 will face 16, 2 will face 15, 3 will face 14, etc. Its single elimination straight linear tournament.

Stay tuned for the next voting page. It should be up by 10:00 AM EST today. Voting will last until Sunday March 12th at 11:59:59 PM EST.

Thanks For Reading

Thank you all for participating in the tournament. Its a lot of fun (and a lot of work) to do these tournaments, and each year it becomes more and more work (because each year I make it bigger and bigger). But I enjoy the tournament, and enjoy doing the process. This year is getting bogged down a little bit right now with my new work schedule, watching over Scarlet who is nearly four months and teething, and a host of other things. But we are going strong and getting it done. Its amazing how time consuming it is writing down the winners, looking up Untappd average ratings, etc. I think next year in advance I’ll keep an Excel spreadsheet or something to have everything a lot more planned out. (I don’t know if ya’ll have noticed by now, but I’m not the best at planning and stuff.)

Also working through some site issues. WordPress can be a bit fickle and tricky and have been having some mobile issues and other voting things pop up. So if you notice any errors, or problems, don’t hesitate to comment, e-mail, or leave feedback. It is greatly appreciated, and helps keep this running smoothly.

Ok, Scarlet is crying, gonna check on her a bit, and then get the next results page up. Thanks for participating and reading. Please be sure to like, subscribe, comment, share, and all that other good stuff that helps the blog out.

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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