The Battle of the Beer (Round 32 Results) (2022)

The Battle of the Beer (Round 32 Results) (2022)

The Battle of the Beers (2022)

Round 32 Has Officially Ended

The first round (the round of 32) of our first ever ‘Battle of the Beers’ has officially ended. This is officially the results page of that first round, and the next round of voting (for the round of 16) will be up shortly.

There were a few upsets in the first round, but generally speaking, it was a pretty by the book first round. I will go over the rules of the tournament, and list the breweries, and then move onto the results of the first round.

Firstly, to find the first round of voting, you can click here: The Battle of the Beers (2022) – Round of 32 Voting. (And the original article here: The Battle of the Beers (2022)).

The Rules

The rules are quite simple, and they follow pretty much the same guideline as how I did the Battle of the Breweries. This is a 32 beer tournament bracket. Straight bracket, no reseeding after each round. The beers were ranked by their Untappd rating as of last night. In the cases where the beers had the same rating, I flipped a coin to determine which would be the higher seed.

There is no conferences, divisions, etc. – its just one simple straight 32 beer bracket.

The rules are pretty simple, every week the tournament bracket will be posted. You go down the line up of heads up matches and pick the beers you like. You can vote once per day. Make sure to share on your social media platforms to try and help the beer / breweries you want to win.

The voting schedule is:

  • Round of 32July 1st – July 7th at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Round of 16July 8th – July 14th at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Round of 8July 15th – July 21st at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Round of 4July 22nd – July 28th at 11:59PM (EST)
  • Round of 2July 29th – August 4th at 11:59PM (EST)

The selection process is mostly arbitrary (welcome to the world of The Beer Thrillers). Generally, there were a few simple rules I followed:

  • It had to be a beer I’ve had before
  • It had to have at least a 3 star rating on Untappd
  • I tried to pick some well known – nation wide distributed beers, some local breweries (local to us here at The Beer Thrillers), and a few “high end” / “high quality” / “top of the line” brewery flagships.

This is clearly not a list of beers based on any kind of science. This is purely meant for fun and just to have a good time. Please leave all feelings and egos at the door.

It is a single division bracket, instead of doing two conferences of 16 each, I decided to make it a simple one direct division of 32. So this will make for some interesting, and tough match – ups early on in the brackets for some. Its rather simple, but top of the bracket is 1. vs. 32, and the bottom of the bracket is 2. vs. 31. After that it alternated middle of the branch and stuff to keep it somewhat balanced, but in the dead center of the bracket you are going to get some tough early match – ups between similar number ranked beers. (A four vs. a six in the second round, and a seven vs. a nine as well!)

Round One Results

Ok, enough jabbering and jawing, lets get to the results, so we can get to voting for round 2!

  • 1. The Alchemist – Heady Topper (62 votes) defeated 32. Newcastle – Brown Ale (10 votes)
  • 2. Tree House – Green (55 votes) defeated 31. Yuengling – Lager (20 votes)
  • 3. Laweson’s Finest Liquids – Sip of Sunshine (54 votes) defeated 30. New Belgium – Fat Tire (19 votes)
  • 4. Toppling Goliath – Pseudo Sue (55 votes) defeated 29. Moo – Duck Brewery – Hoppy Toad IPA (15 votes)
  • 28. Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale (48 votes) defeated 5. New Holland – Dragon’s Milk (26 votes)
  • 6. Dewey Beer Co. – Swishy Pants (53 votes) defeated 27. Snitz Creek Brewery – Blueberry Cream Ale (18 votes)
  • 7. Ommegang – Three Philosophers (55 votes) defeated 26. Zero – Day Brewing – Mango Habanero (20 votes)
  • 8. Bell’s Brewery – Two Hearted Ale (60 votes) defeated 25. Founder’s – All Day IPA (14 votes)
  • 9. Von C Brewing – Walking on Clouds (118 votes) defeated 24. Rogue – Dead Guy Ale (25 votes)
  • 23. Tattered Flag – TMI PA (38 votes) defeated 10. Cigar City – Jai Alai (36 votes)
  • 11. Rubber Soul – Dropout (48 votes) defeated 22. Laguinitas – IPA (30 votes)
  • 12. Pizza Boy – Murren River (43 votes) defeated 21. Victory Brewing – Golden Monkey (36 votes)
  • 13. Deschutes – Fresh Squeezed (50 votes) defeated 20. Bunnyman Brewing – Pink Nightmare (34 votes)
  • 14. Rotunda Brewing – Annville IPA (54 votes) defeated 19. RAR Brewing – Nanticoke Nectar (23 votes)
  • 18. Troegs Brewing – Perpetual IPA (49 votes) defeated 15. Hemauer Brewing – Lucky Lobster (37 votes)
  • 17. Boneshire Brew Works – Green Machine (45 votes) defeated 16. Dogfish Head – 60 Minute (44 votes)


Some stats from the first round of voting:

  • Number of beers that won with 55 votes: 3
  • The beer with the most votes: Von C Brewing’s “Walking on Clouds” with 118 votes
  • The biggest margin of victory was Von C Brewing’s “Walking on Clouds” with a 93 vote differential
  • Upsets:
    • Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale defeating New Holland – Dragon’s Milk
    • Tattered Flag – TMI PA defeating Cigar City – Jai Alai
    • Troegs Brewing – Perpetual IPA defeating Hemauer Brewing – Lucky Lobster
    • Boneshire Brew Works – Green Machine defeating Dogfish Head – 60 Minute


The voting article will be up shortly for round two (or “The Round of 16”). It will be up anywhere from 7AM to 10AM, depending. (We have an appointment to go to this morning, and I’m working on getting it done quickly. Today will be a busy day.)

Here is a preview of the round of 16 though:

  • 1. The Alchemist – Heady Topper vs. 17. Boneshire Brew Works – Green Machine
  • 14. Rotunda Brewing – Annville IPA vs. 12. Pizza Boy – Murren River
  • 23. Tattered Flag – TMI PA vs. 8. Bell’s Brewery – Two Hearted Ale
  • 6. Dewey Beer Co. – Swishy Pants vs. 4. Toppling Goliath – Pseudo Sue
  • 3. Lawson’s Finest Liquids – Sip of Sunshine vs. 28. Sierra Nevada – Pale Ale
  • 7. Ommegang – Three Philosophers vs. 9. Von C Brewing – Walking on Clouds
  • 11. Rubber Soul – Dropout vs. 13. Deschutes – Fresh Squeezed
  • 18. Troegs Brewing – Perpetual IPA vs. 2. Tree House – Green

Round of 16

The voting article will go up shortly. Voting will run from today (July 8th) until July 14th at 11:59PM EST. You are able to vote once per day. Make sure you share the article on social media to make sure the beers you want to win get their votes.

Thanks For Reading

Lots of articles coming out today and recently. Today is also a big day. So I will hopefully get time to get some articles up today (as well as the voting article). Tonight also kicks off Ffej of July 2022 which Drew, Amy, and myself will be attending. As well as tons and tons of our friends. (Maybe I’ll see you there?).

Thank you everyone for reading the blog. Make sure to subscribe and follow. Like I said, we just posted several new articles, and several more should be getting posted today, tomorrow, and Sunday. (Some are news articles, a brewery review, a beer review, as well as updates about the blog, and what we’re all up to – like the Ffej of July, etc.).

Let us know your thoughts too! Comment below to let us know your thoughts, opinions, questions, or whatever you’d like. We always love hearing from our readers!

Ok, time to get going, I think we’re heading down to Bill’s Diner for breakfast, and then our appointment, and then hopefully I’ll have that voting article up!

Cheers All!

-B. Kline

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