The Trip to Indy – Day Six Recap: How I Spent 4 Hours Hiking the Wrong Way at Hocking Hills and Returned to West Virginia (Jackie O’s Brewpub, Little Fish Brewing Co, Mountain State Brewing, Morgantown Brewing Company)

The Trip to Indy – Day Six Recap: How I Spent 4 Hours Hiking the Wrong Way at Hocking Hills and Returned to West Virginia (Jackie O’s Brewpub, Little Fish Brewing Co, Mountain State Brewing, Morgantown Brewing Company)

Day six, next to last day, and I spent the first four hours and some odd minutes hiking Hocking Hills. I woke up, despite waking up early, I kinda left later than I wanted (a trend, waking up at 6AM, but not leaving til 9AM when I should have left already, sigh). Drove the hour and a half to Hocking Hills, getting there around 11AM, and getting lost. Note: Google Maps will take you to the edge of the road closest to the State Park. Put in “Old Man’s Cave Visitor Center”.

Cedar Rapids at Hocking Hills State Park

I arrive, get out, and despite (what I realized at the end when leaving) that I parked right where I was SUPPOSED to begin my hike, I went to the port-o-pots (had to go!) and from there saw a trail, so I took that red trail because it had signs saying “Cedar Falls”…. well, little did I know, that Hocking Hills is all set up (at least mostly all) as one way hike paths. So the three mile red path that got me there, was not the correct way to go. I cheated a bit and still went down to the rapids, and then took the blue path to Ash Cave, then the yellow path to connect back to Whispering Cave, Hemlock Bridge, and back to the visitor center. I never even got to see Old Man’s Cave, despite it being the biggest thing about the park, and right next to the visitor center. Oh well. Gives me things to do for the future. I hiked 12+ miles in 4 hours, and I hadn’t eaten yet, so I leave around 3:30PM.

Jackie O’s Brewpub

My first stop was Jackie O’s Tap Room / Brew Pub outside of Athens. They didn’t do anything other than snacks, so I just got a flight, grabbed a mix six pack to take home, and after spending my time there, I then went to the next Athens area brewery…

Little Fish Brewing Co

Little Fish Brewing Co. Here, I got a lamb panini / taco thing that was pretty interesting and good. Had a beer (they didn’t do flights), and then made my two hour and forty minute drive to Fairmont West Virginia.

I arrive at 8:40PM in Fairmont at a brewery called Short Story Brewing, which Facebook listed as closing at 9PM…. but they did last call at 8:30, so I wasn’t able to drink. She recommended Rambling Root bar and for breweries Mountain State and Morgantown in nearby Morgantown.

Mountain Stain Brewing

Hopped back in the old mobile that is really racking up miles, drove the 5 minutes or so to Morgantown, and stopped at Mountain Stain. It kind of reminded me of an Outback Steakhouse, Texas Steakhouse, Applebee’s conglomeration. Had a flight there, and they were ok. Wish I would have done their guest flight too, since it had several breweries from the area (including that Short Story Brewing) that I’ve never had before, so I would have at least been able to try a larger range, but it was getting on 10PM and they were closing up, and so I figured I’d quickly hit Morgantown because they close at 11PM.

Morgantown Brewing Company

Morgantown Brewing Company was a nice front street type brewery that was the neighborhood bar too. Talk ranged from politics, to philosophies, to weather, to crops, to TV shows, from the nearby tables. I sat back and sipped my pint til closing time.

Made it to my motel, checked in, and watched the latest episode of The Mandalorian (wow! wow! wow!).

Tomorrow brings me to Day 7 and my final, complete, road trip back home. I will do much more in-depth reviews, pictures, etc, for the days in a few days, when I’m able to soak things back in, get back to normalcy, and not be rushed by the seven day road trip. I’ll also post lists of what all breweries I hit, mileage, steps, my route, etc.

Enjoy, and see you all here tomorrow for the conclusion!

-B. Kline

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