The Trip to Indy – Day One Recap: On The Move Towards Pittsburgh (Juniata Brewing Company and Levity Brewing Company)

The Trip to Indy – Day One Recap: On The Move Towards Pittsburgh (Juniata Brewing Company and Levity Brewing Company)

The first leg of the several day journey to Indianapolis is complete. The first leg of the journey brought me to Indiana Pennsylvania (ironic? because the goal of the trip is to make it to Indianapolis, Indiana). I had a preview of my trip that you can read here: “The Trip to Indy“.

I left home to drop off books at the Hershey Public Library at 9:00AM. Having given my dog a nice walk in town, and setting things up for my ex-wife to come in and be able to take care of the dog with my daughters. I left the Hershey Library and went straight to the Thousand Steps Trail.

I did the hike for the thousand steps trail and standing stone trail.

This is just a recap of the day, and not a complete article, I’ll be doing those post-full trip, which will include a lot more pictures of the trails, the breweries, and the beers I had from the travels.

Standing Stone Trail

All told my hike was roughly 7 miles. The thousand steps portion was certainly difficult, and a heck of a work out going up the thousand steps. But it was so worth it at the top when you get a view like this:

The View from the top of the mountain

The view was absolutely breathtaking and worth it the whole time. I highly recommend the trail and the climb for anyone who is able to make it. It is just breathtaking. I have a dozen good pictures from the trip to show in the full article.

After the hike, I stopped at Juniata Brewing Company to sample a good flight of beers and let my legs rest a bit.

Juniata Brewing Company

After this, I traveled another hour and forty minutes to get to the Ghost Town Trail and Hoodlebug Trail by Indiana. Walked the path and then visited Levity Brewing, which was right next to my hotel for the night.

Levity Brewing Company

I legitimately can’t say enough good things about this brewery. Both Eric and Nathan – the staff, bartenders, co-owner, etc, – were absolutely fabulous, taking the time to talk to me about my trip, my beers, the book I was reading, etc. And without even knowing about my blog, Eric, the one bartender and co-owner, gave me a free can of their latest release, for my hikes and travels. They were super nice, the place is beautiful, and clean, and all in all just a wonderful experience. The eight beers I had were all absolutely amazing. I honestly can’t say enough good things about them, and will be doing quite a few reviews and mentions of them in the future I am sure! Do yourself a favor and make sure to stop out and check them out.

Juniata Brewing Company was also a very nice little brewery and worth stopping by and checking out their spot. Its a bit out of the way, but still worth it as well.

Tomorrow I head to Pittsburgh and skirt it for some hikes, and cut through the city, and might end up at the casino – who knows, wish me luck!

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-B. Kline

The Trip to Indianapolis:

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