Visiting Reading Pennsylvania

Visiting Reading Pennsylvania

The Pagoda is owned by the City of Reading. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. (Photo and captioning automatically uploaded courtesy of

In celebration of my birthday tomorrow, my buddy and I are hitting the road and heading out to Reading Pennsylvania (PA) to try out several breweries. So I took a look at the local breweries, some websites, maps, etc, and decided on what all we’re going to be doing tomorrow. The above image comes from Google Images and is courtesy of (so the tag says), and interestingly when I uploaded it here on the blog, it immediately through that caption on it. (I added the tagline in parenthesis.)

Reading Pennsylvania skyline. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

There is lots of things to see and do in Reading, PA. We won’t be seeing or doing most of those things. We will be seeing, and doing, breweries. We don’t have an extremely long time in the area, but we do have some time, and we will be putting it to full effect.

There is certainly a lot of great breweries in the Reading PA area. Some are:

Two Sly Fox locations:

Leaving Reading and heading towards home, there is also the famous Stoudt’s Brewing Company, that we could stop at in Adamstown.

The following maps are courtesy of Breweries in PA and their Breweries of PA map.

The greater Reading area
A more centralized look at Reading PA

Based on opening times, it looks like order of events might be this:

Slyfox Taphouse – (Opens at 11:30). Then hit The Barley Mow (opens at 12). Then hit Oakbrook Brewing (opens at 4). Then hit Chatty Monks (opens at 12) and see David Morrow who is a good friend, he is currently the head brewer for Chatty Monks. Follow this up with Broken Chair (opens at 5). Then as we leave the city hit Schaylor Brewing (opens at 4). And possibly on the drive home stop in at Adamstown and visit Stoudt’s Brewing Company (opens at 12).

Oakbrook Brewing

We might even put in a stop at The Pagoda as seen above. Why not, looks pretty.

Chatty Monks

I donate blood at 11AM. So we will be making the trip soon after that. And will most likely be staying out until about 8-9PM before making the return trip. Coming to and from Harrisburg, its about exactly an hour drive (depending on time I check it, Google Maps tells me 54 minutes, 56 minutes, 1 hour and 1 minute, etc., so must fluctuate due to traffic).

So let us know, is there anything we’re missing? Anything we should hit? Any places to avoid? Anything we should know about before making our trip out? Let us know in the comments!

See you guys afterwards for the wrap-up of the tour!

Oh, and final note, I had my first day of hop harvest, and you can see the results below:

As always everyone, cheers, stay safe, and enjoy a nice refreshing craft beer!

-B. Kline

For more info:
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