Beer Review: Petes Secret Stache (Revision Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Petes Secret Stache (Revision Brewing Company)

Pete’s Secret Stache by Revision Brewing Company, on draft at Pizza Boy Brewing (Al’s of Hampden) in Enola, Pennsylvania

Some things work out. Like when you stop at a brand new brewery after work and find its at max capacity so you stop at Pizza Boy… and they have Hill Farmstead on tap (Florence) and Revision Brewing on tap. Not often we get to see Revision here in the Central PA area.

Revision Brewing Company is a microbrewery out of Sparks, Nevada. As per Untappd: “Revision Brewing Company was formed in August of 2015 when Jeremy Warren, Founder and Brewmaster of Knee Deep Brewing Company chose to pursue a new avenue of creativity and excellence in craft beer. Revision Brewing Company opened in March 2017 in Sparks, Nevada. We have a core lineup of hoppy beers, complemented by our lagers, Humulus Lupulus series, experimental brews and a pretty rad Barrel-Aging program. Thank you and cheers!” They have 183 unique beers listed on Untappd for a global rating of 4.05.

Its nice when you find breweries from regions you don’t get too often in the local area, and its nice to give them a try, especially when its a brewery I’ve heard a buzz about online before. So after I ordered the Hill Farmstead Florence while waiting til Liquid Noise would empty out a bit before getting to check them out, I ordered this as well and definitely enjoyed it.

Hard to hate on a beautiful beer can label like this.

I had to search and put up a picture of the can art on this beauty, love it. Makes you wonder who this mythical and legendary Pete was…. and what his secret stash… (…I mean Stache….) included….

Pete’s Secret Stache

Beer: Pete’s Secret Stache
Brewery: Revision Brewing Company
Style: IPA – New England
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 35
Untappd Write-Up: Pete pedaled deep into the Sierras, dead set on a legendary expedition. Along the way he ran out of rations, and when he finally arrived at the brewery he wasn’t the same dude, he was in a HAZE. He was babbling about discovering an oasis where Amarillo and Citra glowed pink in the Sierra sunset. Pete’s Secret Stache… unchained, unfiltered and hazed out.

Certainly sounds like this Pete is a mythical and legendary creature rivaling the legends of old, possibly surpassing them. Luckily the beer does homage to that and is a fitting testimony to this legendary figure.

Appearance is hazy through and through, complete opaque and bright orange. Nice small head to it and very bubbly and effervescent. Completely unfiltered, little bits of floaters bouncing about in the glass, and it is certainly hazy and dank.

Aroma is super hoppy. Bright hoppy notes as soon as you come within three foot of the glass. Like a good hazy New England IPA should be. This is a strong and vibrant nose of hops. You have the two most citrusy forward hops on the market in this bad boy – Citra hops (gee where’d they ever up come up with the name for these hops?) and Amarillo hops. The combination is bountiful and makes this so aromatic.

Just like the aroma punches you right away with the hops, so does the taste. At first sip your tongue just lights up with all of the citrus from these hops. If you don’t like citrus, this might be a bit too much for you, but I don’t think its really an issue. Its just an abundant, great, fantastic taste. This has a bright smooth wallop of the hops and citrus. There is no bitterness at all this to it, you wouldn’t expect 35 IBU or any IBU’s to be honest. Outside of that genuine hop flavor you’d have no idea this was an IPA its that smooth and with no hop bite or bitterness. There is a slight creamyness to it, that makes me feel there has to be some lactose in this (to some degree anyway), probably not enough to really call it a Milkshake IPA (but then again, the lines are so blurred on New England IPA, Haze IPA, Milkshake IPA, etc, that their all basically interchangeable at this point). It could be just that its that smooth that it feels like there should be lactose in it as well, don’t know. But this is a very easy drinking beer (I think I finished it super fast, all but gulping it down). It was extremely enjoyable and easy to drink that fast too, luckily at only 6.5% its not much of an issue.

My Untappd Rating: ****
Global Untappd Rating: 3.94 (as of 2.16.20)

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