Beer Review: Newfangled Pils (Newfangled Brew Works)

Beer Review: Newfangled Pils (Newfangled Brew Works)

Newfangled Pils by Newfangled Brew Works

Going back to how I would like to do more varied styles, and ones that don’t get done often, and having a comment discussion with 716Beer here on the blog, I decided to do today’s beer review based on the Newfangled Pilsner I had when there Thursday night. I have to admit, the toll of 30 blog posts in 30 days is starting to get to me here. Even with having a new beer a day, which I am maintaining (sitting here, typing up this blog post / beer review, while drinking “Gotta Get Up to Get Down” by WiseACRE), I am beginning to struggle to come up with some good beer reviews. Or at least unique ones. Or interesting ones. A varied list at any rate.

I don’t like doing too many of the same brewery over and over. But at the same time, its hard to have a new beer every day to review as well. And I’m not a beer hoarder, and when I do my trades and or get some from mules, I drink them pretty much right away. So I don’t have exactly the greatest ‘unique’ stock-piled beer fridge. I have a decent stack of Tattered Flag beers from when I’ve done canning, and some Boneshire yet from a bit ago, as well as plenty of Troegs seasonal. So my fridge doesn’t have a lot of the heavy hitters as I tend to drink them right away, either by myself, or with friends. So unfortunately I don’t have a ton of Aslin, Burley Oak, Tired Hands, Tree House, Trillium, or Hill Farmstead or others in my fridge. I also don’t use Tavour so I don’t always get a crazy amount of beer to throw in there. Not saying I don’t GET these beers from time to time, just that when I do… their pretty much gone right away.

I also tend to go out and meet my buddies at various locations; like The Warwick, Newfangled Brewery, Boneshire Brewery, Troegs Brewery, The Gin Mill, The Manor Restaurant, Penn Hotel, Parkside Bar, etc, etc, etc. so I get to try some various styles and breweries and typically on draft then.

So, since Thursday night I met my friends D. Scott and D. Arndt at Newfangled for a short brief time. While there I had two beers, first the Pilsner (Newfangled Pils) followed up with their stout on Nitro. While both were good and delicious, I’m going to review just the Pils in this blog post / beer review.

Newfangled Pils on draft at the Newfangled Brewery off of Union Deposit Road

Beer: Newfangled Pils
Brewery: Newfangled Brew Works
Style: Pilsner – Czech
ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 35
Untappd Write-Up: Using classic hops this pilsner is clean crisp and refreshing. This beer is crystal clear and easy drinking.

It certainly is crystal clear. Much like their lager that I had the other time I was out with D. Scott (and reviewed here as well), its crystal clear, transparent, and a light yellow straw color.

Aroma is airy, light, with some hoppyness to it. Slightly herbal / earthy hop notes with a bitterness to them. This has a generic beer smell to it. Nothing crazy. No crazy adjuncts to change the aroma. Just a ‘lite beer’ pleasant smell and aroma to it.

Taste is simple. Its direct. Its the same from first sip to last drain. Its nonplussed. Its simple, its nothing extraneous, nothing daring or crazy. But what it is is efficient, well done, pleasant, good, and crafted well. This is a well created tasting pilsner, its light, its crisp, its low ABV means you won’t be getting drunk on this, its refreshing, its just a fine beer to enjoy with friends for any occasion. Perfect for the type, style, and location – the brewpub / brewery of Newfangled Brew Works. A great lowkey but big and open atmosphere in a community area, where the Newfangled Brew Works acts like the community’s gathering place, for everyone to come together and drink, and have a good time. And this is a perfect beer to help facilitate that.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.64 (as of 11.23.19)

Getting into the home stretch now. #23 down. That just leaves 7 more. One more week to go basically of blogging every day. Its funny how some days feel a lot harder than others at doing this. And typically the days where I wait til after work are the hardest. If I can belt out the blog post in the morning before work; or at least start most of it; its a lot easier, than waiting til 11PM (like I am currently doing, as I drain this coffee milk stout from WiseACRE and fight just turning on Netflix or Disney+ and passing out).

But as always, we love to hear from you guys, and see that we’re actually getting read out there in the bloggosphere. Leave a comment. Click the like. Share. Whatever works for you.

We appreciate it!



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