Beer Review: Rye for an Eye (Southern Prohibition Brewing)

Beer Review: Rye for an Eye (Southern Prohibition Brewing)

Rye for an Eye, a Barleywine by Southern Prohibition Brewing Company, out of Hattiesburg Mississippi.

It has been a long and tiring day, so I’m sitting in bed, doing a fantasy draft, watching the Chappelle special, and drinking an entire 22oz bottle of barleywine by myself. Welcome to being 34!

This was part of the beer mail package, and being a huge barleywine fan, I figured I’d save it for my birthday and plow through it. So thats exactly what I’m doing. And damn is it good!

This is going to be a quicker, breezier blog, than the previous ones in recent history (like yesterday’s), mainly because I’m starting to get tired, its the long end of a birthday, and I figure it’d be nice to write a short, succinct beer review, rather than a long one dragging on about all kinds of other things.

Beer: Rye for an Eye
Brewery: Southern Prohibition Brewing
Style: Barleywine – American
ABV: 8.8%
Untappd Write-Up:
Big rich malt flavors interwoven with a heft dose of spicy rye. Notes of caramel, fig, and spicy pumpernickel bread are balanced by a punch of Simcoe and Centennial hops. Finishes with a smooth malt goodness with a slight grapefruit and pine bite.

This is a wonderful barleywine. It poured beautifully brown and then filled in nicely and with a terrific head. The aroma is rye with notes of spices and smelled heavenly.

The flavor is right on for a barleywine. It is exactly a barleywine, and it feels heavy, boozy, and honestly feels and tastes like it should be a 10%+ minimum, but only clocks in at 8.8% which is shocking. Still a bit on the heavy side (especially solo’ing a 22oz) but its not as high as the taste would lead you to believe.

The flavor is very heavy spice, malt, rye (obvious by the name). There is a bit of a late punch by the hops that adds a nice flourishing touch.

Definitely worth seeking out from Mississippi for this gem!

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 3.86 (as of 8.27.19)

Keep on sippin sumpin!

-B. Kline

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