Beer Review: Baby Genius (Bissell Brothers Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Baby Genius (Bissell Brothers Brewing Company)

Newly arrived to Breski’s Beverage today (6.3.19) Bissell Brother’s “Baby Genius” Session.

Got a notice from my local beer trading, muling, etc., Facebook group around 4-5PM that Breski’s Beverage was getting Bissell Brother’s in. Two can limit. So I definitely had to make a stop after work, no doubts about it. Bissell Brothers is one of those “sought after” breweries, and not one readily available in the South Central PA area.

Got there, grabbed my two cans from their walk-in cooler (where they keep all of their NEIPAs and a lot of their IPAs and beers), paid the 10.58$ (tax included) and left. Definitely can’t complain about two cold high-end brewery beers in an area that doesn’t see them for only 10.58$ (16oz cans).

So let’s dive into this beauty and see what we got here:

Beer: Baby Genius

Brewery: Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

Style: Blonde Ale

ABV: 4%

IBU: None Listed

Hops: Citra, Ella, Topaz

Untappd Write-Up: A hoppy, hazy blonde ale. Brewed with Citra, Ella, and Topaz hops.

Eclectic and Crushable



I’ve seen this listed as a “blonde ale”, a “session blonde ale”, and a “session NE Pale Ale”. The Untappd and their page list it just as a blonde ale and point out its lower ABV and its easy drinking and “crushable”-ness. And it definitely has easy drinking and crushableness in spades. Could easily pound more than the 2 allotment of these in a sitting, could see myself downing near a case while watching a baseball game, hanging out for a picnic, or a long mow-day.

Pouring this out it looks like a beauty in the glass. Light straw coloring with a bit of hazyness to it, cloudy, but still looks like a great beer. Head retention is strong and staying and no noticeable floaters or particulates.

The aroma is similar to most blondes and hefe’s. A light smell of hops but no noticeable hop overtly notes as you smell in.

For a light 4% there is no loss of flavor and fear not it is every bit as good and tasty as a higher ABV beer can be. The missing % won’t be missed and is actually nice to be able to drink 3 or more of these without getting the slightest buzz.

As typical of ‘hazy’ style beers (even if their not called NEIPA or New England style) it comes with a very soft juice taste. Soft, refreshing, but also crisp and clean, its smooth and easily drinkable and like I said above without the high ABV there’s really no buzz so no problem crushing these.

There is no hop bitterness and aftertaste or burn to this, the hops are softened, cushioned, its foamy and relaxing and not a typical ‘beer’ taste for those who don’t like the hop or “beer” taste.

It has some lemony notes but overall it steers clear of typical hop fruit or citrus notes, the lemony notes are about as close to citrus as this comes. Its not dry or sour or tart either as one would expect with lemony flavors in a beer either.

This is completely one to buy a case of, sit out on the back porch and spend the day chatting with friends, or relaxing and reading a good book (I’m personally currently reading Aldous Huxley’s ‘The Divine Within’) or watching a baseball game or getting all of your yard work and mowing done. Cheers and enjoy!


My Untappd Rating: ****.25

Global Untappd Rating: **** (As of 6.3.19)


-B. Kline

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