The Battle of the Breweries (2023) – Conferences and Groups

The Battle of the Breweries (2023) – Conferences and Groups

The Battle of the Breweries – 2023

The Battle of the Breweries

As we said in our previous article:

Tomorrow kicks off our 2023 Battle of the Breweries, and this year is gonna be a bit different. Instead of a straight linear tournament like we did in 2021 and 2022, this year, inspired by the World Cup back in December, we are going to be doing it World Cup Style. First round will be groups with group stage voting, where the two best breweries from group advance on. After that, they are divided into four conferences and it follows a linear tournament. All in all, 160 breweries are competing this year (bumped up from 128 last year).


Each day you will be able to come to the site to make your votes in the polls. It will be set-up by IPS, so it limits you to voting just once per day per vote. You can vote as many times as you want per round, but only once per day.

Rounds will be last one week (ending on Sunday nights at 11:59:59 PM EST) and the new week of voting starting up the next day (Monday) when I get the articles posted (usually around 8:30 – 9:30 AM EST).

The first round – the group stage – will begin Monday February 27th, 2023. This will most likely be around 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM. There will be more details in each voting page’s article. There will be an individual post for each conference.

The last week – the fatal four-way will be two weeks. This will give adequate time for voting for the championship.


Those hop names and thus the conference names are:

  • Chinook
  • Nugget
  • Saaz
  • Walhalla

I chose four different varieties that I grow at home / (aka The Beer Thrillers Headquarters). Each of these conferences will have 8 groups of 5 breweries each, after the group stage each conference will have 16 breweries in a tournament.

Let’s take an early look at what breweries are in what conferences:


  1. Hackensack Brewing Company
  2. Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company
  3. Compass Mill Tap Room
  4. Acclamation Brewing Company
  5. Forbes Trail Brewing
  6. Bronx Brewery
  7. Dancing Gnome Brewing
  8. Vanish Farmwoods Brewery
  9. Bright Path Brewing Company
  10. South County Brewing Company
  11. Capitol City Brewing
  12. Tattered Flag Brewing
  13. Wrong Crowd Brewing
  14. Valhalla Brewing
  15. River Horse Brewing
  16. Harper’s Ferry Brewing
  17. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  18. Sly Fox Brewing
  19. Bolero Snort Brewing
  20. Steinhardt Brewing
  21. River Trail Brewing
  22. Breaker Brewing
  23. Bucket Brigade Brewing
  24. Burley Oak Brewery
  25. Black Flag Brewing
  26. Mudhook Brewery
  27. Boom City Brewing Company
  28. Pineknotter Brewing Company
  29. Sapwood Cellars
  30. Rusty Rail Brewing
  31. Rough Edges Brewing
  32. Flood Zone Brewing
  33. Little Fish Brewing
  34. Chilly Water Brewing
  35. Hop Farm Brewing
  36. Schaylor Brewing
  37. Cox Brewing Company
  38. Attaboy Beer
  39. Cushwa Brewing Company
  40. Ever Grain Brewing Company


  1. Brix City Brewing
  2. Willow Creek Brewing
  3. Elder Pine Brewing and Blending
  4. Inner Groove Brewing
  5. ZeroDay Brewing
  6. Masthead Brewing
  7. Hitchhiker Brewing Company
  8. Mellow Mink Brewing
  9. Ten Eyck Brewing
  10. Lost Mined Brewing
  11. Victory Brewing
  12. Imprint Beer Co.
  13. Sterling Pig Brewing
  14. Bog Turtle Brewing
  15. Von C Brewing
  16. Loakal Branch Brewing
  17. Bunnyman Brewing
  18. J.J. Ratigan Brewing
  19. Liquid Art Brewing
  20. Shy Bear Brewing
  21. Aslin Beer Co.
  22. Wheatland Springs Farm and Brewery
  23. 7 Mile Brewing
  24. Burnish Beer Company
  25. Jailbreak Brewing
  26. Susquehanna Brewing
  27. Bullfrog Brewery
  28. Eclipse Craft Brewery
  29. Hysteria Brewing
  30. Big Dog Craft Brewing
  31. Columbia Kettle Works
  32. Saucony Creek Brewing
  33. Jackie O’s Brewery
  34. Sun King Brewery
  35. Allusion Brewing
  36. Black Forest Brewing
  37. Chatty Monks Brewing
  38. Idiom Brewing
  39. Yellow Bridge Brewing
  40. Troegs Independent Craft Brewing


  1. Old Ox Brewery
  2. Selin’s Grove Brewing
  3. Strange Roots Brewing
  4. Southern Tier Brewing
  5. Wacker Brewing
  6. Noble Beast Brewing
  7. Lydian Stone Brewing
  8. AleCraft Brewing
  9. Liquid Hero Brewing
  10. Covered Bridge Brewhause
  11. Free Will Brewing
  12. Warwick Farm Brewery
  13. Levante Brewing
  14. Human Robot Beer
  15. Big Bottom Brewery
  16. Tall Tales Brewing
  17. Mustang Sally Brewing
  18. Hemaur Brewing
  19. Fat Bat Brewing
  20. Robin Hood Brewing
  21. Ocelot Brewing
  22. Fetish Brewing
  23. Cape May Brewing
  24. RAR Brewing
  25. Ripestine’s Brewpub
  26. Benny Brewing
  27. New Trail Brewing Company
  28. Three Beards Brewing
  29. Slate Farm Brewing
  30. Our Town Brewery
  31. Raney Cellars Brewing
  32. Gearhouse Brewing
  33. Urban Artifact Brewing
  34. Land – Grant Brewing Company
  35. Levity Brewing
  36. Pour Man’s Brewing
  37. Appalachian Brewing Company
  38. Fourscore Beer Co.
  39. Logyard Brewing
  40. Pizza Boy Brewing Company


  1. Funk Brewing
  2. Mad Chef Brewing
  3. Boneshire Brew Works
  4. Lost Rhino Brewing
  5. Oakbrook Brewing
  6. VooDoo Brewing
  7. Abjuration Brewing
  8. Bespoke Brewing
  9. Canton Brewing Company
  10. Lost Barrel Brewing
  11. Big Truck Farm Brewing
  12. Scrubby’s Craft Brewery
  13. Other Half Brewing Company
  14. Old Forge Brewing
  15. Braeloch Brewing
  16. Dew Point Brewing
  17. Punch Buggy Brewing
  18. Dewey Beer Co.
  19. Crooked Run Fermentation
  20. The Alementary
  21. Smoketown Brewing
  22. Axemann Brewery
  23. Adroit Theory Brewing
  24. Collusion Tap Works
  25. Gusto Brewery
  26. Cult Classic Brewing
  27. The Isle of Que Brewing
  28. Therapy Brewing
  29. Wolf Brewing Company
  30. LoveDraft’s Brewing Company
  31. Jackass Brewery
  32. Hell in a Bucket Brewing
  33. Brewery Fire
  34. Morgantown Brewing Company
  35. Braxton Brewing Company
  36. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Company
  37. Juniata Brewing
  38. Snitz Creek Brewing
  39. Ministry of Brewing
  40. Abolitionist Ale Works

Note, these were randomly assigned to the conferences (rolled D4s to get them in their places). I will then use D8s to roll them into their groups for the group stage round. The above listing is no indication of their Untappd score or placements.



Group A:

  1. Hackensack Brewing Company
  2. Compass Mill Tap Room
  3. South County Brewing Company
  4. Dancing Gnome Brewing
  5. Wrong Crowd Brewing

Group B:

  1. Black Flag Brewing
  2. Boom City Brewing Company
  3. Mudhook Brewery
  4. River Trail Brewing
  5. Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company

Group C:

  1. Bronx Brewery
  2. Cox Brewing Company
  3. Ever Grain Brewing Company
  4. Bucket Brigade Brewing
  5. Steinhardt Brewing

Group D:

  1. Cushwa Brewing Company
  2. Pineknotter Brewing Company
  3. Capitol City Brewing
  4. Hop Farm Brewing
  5. Flood Zone Brewing

Group E:

  1. Burley Oak Brewery
  2. River Horse Brewing
  3. Chilly Water Brewing
  4. Vanish Farmwoods Brewery
  5. Forbes Trail Brewing

Group F:

  1. Bolero Snort Brewing
  2. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  3. Attaboy Beer
  4. Schaylor Brewing
  5. Sly Fox Brewing

Group G:

  1. Little Fish Brewing
  2. Rough Edges Brewing
  3. Valhalla Brewing
  4. Harper’s Ferry Brewing
  5. Breaker Brewing

Group H:

  1. Rusty Rail Brewing
  2. Sapwood Cellars
  3. Tattered Flag Brewing
  4. Bright Path Brewing Company
  5. Acclamation Brewing Company


Group A:

  1. Brix City Brewing
  2. Inner Groove Brewing
  3. Liquid Art Brewing
  4. Eclipse Craft Brewery
  5. Black Forest Brewing

Group B:

  1. Troegs Independent Craft Brewing
  2. Susquehanna Brewing
  3. Lost Mined Brewing
  4. ZeroDay Brewing
  5. Big Dog Craft Brewing

Group C:

  1. Bog Turtle Brewing
  2. Von C Brewing
  3. Hitchhiker Brewing Company
  4. Willow Creek Brewing
  5. Saucony Creek Brewing

Group D:

  1. Sun King Brewery
  2. Idiom Brewing
  3. Yellow Bridge Brewing
  4. Burnish Beer Company
  5. 7 Mile Brewing

Group E:

  1. Jackie O’s Brewery
  2. Bullfrog Brewery
  3. Sterling Pig Brewing
  4. Loakal Branch Brewing
  5. Victory Brewing

Group F:

  1. Bunnyman Brewing
  2. Chatty Monks Brewing
  3. Hysteria Brewing
  4. Wheatland Springs Farm and Brewery
  5. J.J. Ratigan Brewing

Group G:

  1. Ten Eyck Brewing
  2. Allusion Brewing
  3. Aslin Beer Co.
  4. Jailbreak Brewing
  5. Elder Pine Brewing and Blending

Group H:

  1. Masthead Brewing
  2. Shy Bear Brewing
  3. Mellow Mink Brewing
  4. Imprint Beer Co.
  5. Columbia Kettle Works


Group A:

  1. Old Ox Brewery
  2. Hemaur Brewing
  3. Land – Grant Brewing Company
  4. Fetish Brewing
  5. Appalachian Brewing Company

Group B:

  1. Strange Roots Brewing
  2. Noble Beast Brewing
  3. Covered Bridge Brewhause
  4. Levante Brewing
  5. Mustang Sally Brewing

Group C:

  1. Selin’s Grove Brewing
  2. Pizza Boy Brewing Company
  3. Logyard Brewing
  4. Cape May Brewing
  5. Three Beards Brewing

Group D:

  1. Ripestine’s Brewpub
  2. Southern Tier Brewing
  3. Human Robot Beer
  4. Urban Artifact Brewing
  5. Tall Tales Brewing

Group E:

  1. Lydian Stone Brewing
  2. Raney Cellars Brewing
  3. Warwick Farm Brewery
  4. Slate Farm Brewing
  5. Benny Brewing

Group F:

  1. Pour Man’s Brewing
  2. Fourscore Beer Co.
  3. New Trail Brewing Company
  4. Liquid Hero Brewing
  5. Wacker Brewing

Group G:

  1. AleCraft Brewing
  2. Levity Brewing
  3. Our Town Brewery
  4. Robin Hood Brewing
  5. Free Will Brewing

Group H:

  1. Gearhouse Brewing
  2. RAR Brewing
  3. Ocelot Brewing
  4. Fat Bat Brewing
  5. Big Bottom Brewery


Group A:

  1. Scrubby’s Craft Brewery
  2. Braeloch Brewing
  3. Smoketown Brewing
  4. Other Half Brewing Company
  5. Boneshire Brew Works

Group B:

  1. Funk Brewing
  2. Crooked Run Fermentation
  3. Adroit Theory Brewing
  4. Oakbrook Brewing
  5. Therapy Brewing

Group C:

  1. Punch Buggy Brewing
  2. Mad Chef Brewing
  3. LoveDraft’s Brewing Company
  4. Ministry of Brewing
  5. Cult Classic Brewing

Group D:

  1. Gusto Brewery
  2. Collusion Tap Works
  3. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Company
  4. Snitz Creek Brewing
  5. Canton Brewing Company

Group E:

  1. Lost Rhino Brewing
  2. VooDoo Brewing
  3. Hell in a Bucket Brewing
  4. Morgantown Brewing Company
  5. Old Forge Brewing

Group F:

  1. Big Truck Farm Brewing
  2. Braxton Brewing Company
  3. The Isle of Que Brewing
  4. Axemann Brewery
  5. Jackass Brewery

Group G:

  1. The Alementary
  2. Brewery Fire
  3. Juniata Brewing
  4. Abolitionist Ale Works
  5. Lost Barrel Brewing

Group H:

  1. Wolf Brewing Company
  2. Abjuration Brewing
  3. Dew Point Brewing
  4. Bespoke Brewing
  5. Dewey Beer Co.

Remember to Vote Tomorrow

Remember to vote tomorrow, starting roughly around 8:30 – 10 AM, I’ll have the voting articles up. They will be separated by conferences, with each conference’s groups in their respective articles. You’ll be able to see a big group article that has links to everything, as well as the individual conference articles.

You can vote once per day, so make sure you share the posts so all of your friends, family, co – workers, ex – spouses, and neighborhood kids can see and vote as well.

Thanks For Reading

Yesterday was a fun day. We didn’t quite get to do the full trip we wanted, but we still got to enjoy two fun breweries – Black Locust Hop Farm and Brewery in Freeland, MD and Gunpowder Falls Brewing in New Freedom, PA. Both will probably be in the tournament next year!

The Harrisburg Heat game was sold out, so we weren’t able to go to it, but did enjoy hanging out with my parents at Your Place.

Thank you for reading everyone. I love doing the tournament, its a lot of work (and a big headache) but it really is a lot of fun. So please be sure to check in tomorrow to be able to start voting. I can’t wait to see who moves on to the knock out rounds!

Make sure you like, share, and follow, so you can keep voting, and let others know about being able to vote as well. Its instrumental to the tournament.

Thanks All!


-B. Kline

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