Small Brewery Sunday Giveaway Winner (2021)

Small Brewery Sunday Giveaway Winner (2021)

Small Brewery Sunday – November 28th, 2021

Small Brewery Sunday

Hopefully you all went out shopping today at your local brewery and helped support ‘small breweries’ and ‘small businesses’. Today was a day to celebrate all of the small, local, craft breweries. The ones whose owners live in our communities, who sponsor our son’s t-ball teams, the ones who have kids who go to our kids school, the ones who maybe go to our town halls, etc.

Especially in light of how earlier – Couch Brewery – announced their closure. It’s horrible to see small breweries go under and go bankrupt or close up shop and get forgotten about.

So we decided we would do a Small Brewery Sunday Giveaway here on The Beer Thrillers. (Our first giveaway.) We posted the rules here: Small Brewery Sunday Giveaway (2021).

Choosing Our Winner

We had several people enter on our Facebook page for a chance to win the Fall Hippo four pack by Boneshire Brew Works. So I used a random number generator (you can easily Google Search ‘random number generator’, and numerous ones will pop up). (Google has one built into their search engine as well.)

So I assigned everyone a number, and then hit the random generator, and it popped out number 3. (See attached screenshot to see.)

Give away randomizer

And thus…. the winner is:

  • David Scott Raimist

Congratulations David! We have contacted Dave through Facebook messenger, and if he doesn’t get back to us, we’ll move onto the next randomly selected person.

Stay tuned in the future for more giveaways! Because, who doesn’t love free beer?

Thanks For Reading

As always, thanks for reading everyone. Be sure to follow us on our social media pages to stay ontop of giveaways, polls, news articles, beer reviews, book reviews, and more!


-B. Kline

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