We’ve Joined the NAGBW

We’ve Joined the NAGBW

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The North American Guild of Beer Writers

What is the North American Guild of Beer Writers you might ask? Quite possibly you’ve never heard of them, even if you do read several beer blogs on the internet. So what exactly are they? Are they a shadowy underworld movement similar to the Illuminati? Are they like the Free Masons of beer? Or are they similar to the Stonecutters?

Well, I’ll let them explain in their own words (from their website):

The North American Guild of Beer Writers (NAGBW) is the leading member organization of beer writers, authors, reporters, and podcasters who cover the beer industry. 

Some of us do it for fun, others make a living, or at least a portion of it, covering beer and brewing. We tirelessly cover the brewing industry and those who appreciate beer.

We are a group dedicated to elevating the level of our craft as we cover the art of brewing. We are serious in our purpose, but strive to enjoy ourselves in doing our jobs.


We host annual awards that highlight the accomplishments of our members. We also support the annual Diversity in Beer Writing Grant, with a goal to highlight the value of stories that can showcase diversity and inclusion – in all its forms and challenges – within beer.

North American Guild of Beer Writers – Home – North American Guild of Beer Writers Homepage

So thats the basis in a nutshell.

Every year they have an awards event a little bit after the Great American Beer Festival where they announce that year’s awards and winners for various writing and articles of the year. The selection timeframe is July through August and they announce the winners late September.

You can read the 2020 winners here: 2020 NAGBW Winners. I am not entered in anything for 2021, but will hopefully have some stuff to enter for the 2020 year.

So What Does This Mean

So what all does this mean for The Beer Thrillers? Shrugging… honestly not a whole lot that you all might see. A bit more behind the scenes happens for us here at The Beer Thrillers. Hopefully more notice, coverage, and attention.

We are looking to soon start doing podcasts and videos and much more travels and coverage here on The Beer Thrillers. We are also looking to pick up another writer (or two) and hopefully someone with more digital graphics skills and such, and get the site improved graphically, and with a lot more writing.

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-B. Kline

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