AC Brewfest 2021 – Day 1 Recap (June 4th, 2021)

AC Brewfest 2021 – Day 1 Recap (June 4th, 2021)

The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

Got word from Drew this morning, as well as some updates from him while at the brewfest for day two (Session 2 of 3). Everything went smoothly he said Friday night. Him, David, and A. Parys (thesugarfoot) got to AC Friday, and enjoyed Ocean’s Casino and Resort before going to the brewfest itself at the Bader Field Ballpark.

He sent me some messages last night around 8 – 9PM (Session 1 of the brewfest was 8PM – 12 Midnight – Friday, June 4th). He said they made a beeline for Kelsey Grammer’s tent and brewery (Faith American Brewing Company). He said he was nice and talked a little and then they moved on.

By 10:30 PM or so, when messaging him, I asked him if there were any good beers or brews at the event and he said there was but he was “too drunk to remember which ones or where”. I expected nothing less from my faithful and diligent correspondent, doing his research thoroughly.

I asked Drew how the layout was with the event moving to the outdoors – at the Bader Field Ballpark – rather than the inside at the Atlantic City Convention Center; and he said it feels much more spaced out, he’s not sure if there’s less breweries this year, but that it almost feels that way. He said the area looks like an old airport runway and is nice for the event. The stage area was nice and everything looked good and spaced out.

Drew, Dave, and Andrew all had a blast from day one. They are doing the “HopTrot 5K” tomorrow before Session 2 of the brewfest (12 Noon – 4PM). I’ll have an update, with pictures from the event for tomorrow’s post.

You can see the first article of the series here: “The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival 2021“.


-B. Kline
Correspondent: D. Scott

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