The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival – 2021

The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival – 2021

The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival: June 4th and 5th 2021

It has been a long crazy road to get back to this point – brewfests again! Live, interaction, with other human beings, in public, in person. ……and I wish so badly I could go. But sadly, this year has been a giant monkeywrench unforeseen, just like last year, and I will be sadly missing out on the AC Brewfest this year.

Last year’s event was cancelled due to COVID-19 / coronavirus, as was most of everything else last year. Typically the AC Brewfest is in April (usually the first weekend), and so it was hit right at the time COVID-19 really hit America, and was postponed to August of 2020, but as the summer came and we all realized that in – person events were not a good idea, it was cancelled / postponed until now.

Last year, the event was cancelled, the year before that, Drew and I went, and the year before that, Drew, Rory, and I went. Both of those times, we did two sessions – the Friday night 8PM – 12 Midnight session, and then the Saturday session, which both times was also the earlier session. So its certainly a ‘hard on the liver weekend’. Unfortunately, this year, I am unable to go, due to events from earlier in the year, but Drew as a correspondent here of The Beer Thrillers will be going.

In the past, we stayed at Baily’s and went to the Convention Center (by walking) to go to the brewfest. This year, however, the event has been moved to an outdoor venue – the Bader Field Ballpark. Would have been interesting to see it in it’s new venue. Hopefully this will keep some social distancing and help alleviate some of the issues with COVID-19 and everything.

This was also going to be the first year that we were going to do the 5K on Saturday. They host an annual 5K as part of the brewfest, where doing the 5K gets you a little bit of extra time inside the brewfest to start your drinking early….. assuming 1) you survive the 5K, and 2) you get done in a timely manner. Let’s see how Drew does this year.

This is a two day event, with live music, events, games, podcasts, a beard and hair barber; and much more. In the past there were Wipeout like obstacle courses, mazes, hatchet throwing, food trucks, silent raves / discos, and much more.

Of course, live music is a big feature of the event. In past years they’ve had some big band names; one of which was the Mighty Mighty Boss Tones that we got to see in 2018. Last year’s event was supposed to have New Found Glory, but they did not return for this year’s event after last year’s was cancelled.

For more information, you can check out the Facebook Events page here: Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival Events Page. Jon Henderson does an amazing job running this event and puts so much effort and time into it, so its so great to see it up and running again, as this year’s events start to come back to life and breweries can get back out to doing brewfests, beer events, and tap takeovers again.

The information listed on the events page reads:

“Here are the dates for 15th Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival. Session 1 Friday, June 4th – The Early November / Knuckle Puck
Session 2 Saturday, June 5th 12pm – 4pm – Less Than Jake
Session 3 Saturday, June 5th 6pm – 10p – Face To FaceWow, what a crazy year it’s been full of unwanted postponements and cancelations. Good Time Tricycle Productions is excited to announce a fun and necessary changes to the 2021 festival initially slated for April 9th and 10th at the Atlantic City Convention Center.
The Festival team has been working closely with Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, the City of Atlantic City, Meet AC, Spectra, and the CRDA to bring you the first outdoor Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival to be held on Bader Field June 4th and 5th 2021. We are excited about the opportunity to host our festival on the 142-acre piece of property, allowing for producers to create a fun interactive celebration while also enabling the festivities to be spread out for an open-air experience. As a productions company, we are confident that we can maintain attendee safety while delivering the experience that some have come to expect from The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival. Here are a few things you need to know (or answers to questions you may have)
• All tickets purchased for the 2020 festival will be honored for the June 2021 dates.
• Tickets on sale January 15th
• Refunds are available until March 9th. Head to your Ticketmaster account and request your refund.
• New Musical acts will be announced on March 22nd. (all headliners for 2020 are unavailable for the 2021 date)
• HOPS Trot 5k June 5th
• Ticket prices will increase to $65 plus fees on May 1st.This, like all things related to Covid is a fluid situation. We are optimistically moving forward with all the fun and shenanigans the festival holds. To be candid we are #hellbentonbeerfest! We will keep you updated as we progress. For more information on the festival, including Covid processes and procedure, please visit Stay awesome and be excellent to each other. 100 brewers and thousands of friends stay tuned for updates.
Tix: or at JOE CANAL’S DISCOUNT LIQUOR – EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP locations on Fire Rd or Black Horse Pike.”

Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival Facebook

According to the events page, 4K are listed as ‘going’ and 13.2K are listed as ‘interested’ in the event. (In the twenty minutes of writing this article, its actually gone up to 4.1K listed as ‘going’ now.)

Drew is leaving today at noon-ish with Rome, possibly A. Parys and maybe a few others. Hopefully, next year I’ll be able to rejoin the fun and festivities. Drew will be sending pictures and comments and videos back, both for here on the blog, and his video game streaming page – Knights of Nostalgia – so be on the lookout for those updates. Next Saturday (June 12th) is the Renaissance Faire brewfest, which I will also be missing, but Drew will be attending, and will give us updates on as well. So be on the lookout for these articles.

So be sure to check tomorrow morning for Day 1 comments / correspondence / clips / pics of the AC Brewfest, and then Sunday for Day 2 of the event.

As always, make sure to check out our social media pages to stay up to date on everything going on with The Beer Thrillers.

Summer is here and events are starting to happen, what are some cool events you all know of? What all events are everyone going to? Let us know in the comments!

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-B. Kline

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