Triple Bottom Becomes a Certified B Corporation

Triple Bottom Becomes a Certified B Corporation

Triple Bottom Brewing

Triple Bottom Brewing

Triple Bottom Brewing opened in September 2019, and from before day one (day zero?) they have been concerned with helping others. Not just wanting to be a brewery in the area, they wanted to help their community, be a pillar of their community, and *BE* their community. Dedicated to helping others and the environment.

So in that vain, they have recently become a Certified B corporation. This is fantastic news, not just for the brewery, not just for the community, but also for the environment. Which as breweries know, “bad water means bad beer; water is key.” Triple Bottom Brewing is the first Pennsylvania brewery to become a B Certified Corporation.

What is a B Certified Corporation?

To become B Certified, a corporation must meet the highest standards of verification for their societal and environmental impact. B Corporations are selected by the B Certification group at B Corporations. They have a set system and rules to selecting what corporations become B certified, and getting to display your “B Certification” is a big deal. Its a big deal because it highlights your positive societal and environmental impact. It shows those who visit your corporation (in this case – brewery) that you are positive, forward thinking, progressive, and that you care about your community. That you care about your local society and community and the environment around you.

For more information on how corporations become B Certified you can visit the website: B Corporations. As of this writing (May 11th, 2021), Triple Bottom Brewing is the first – and only – Pennsylvania brewery to have become a B Certified Corporation.

For More Information

You can visit Triple Bottom Brewing at their brewery in Philadelphia, located at 915 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. From Triple Bottom Brewery’s “about us” page of their website:

We’re a mission-driven craft brewery here in Philadelphia, PA. Our brewing style emphasizes balance, creativity, great flavor, and easy drinkability. We love a crispy pilsner, a velvety stout, and a piney IPA, and we always have a great collection of beers on tap.

It’s also bigger than beer for us. We are a Certified B Corp and a member of Crafted for All, and we work hard to be a positive community partner, to advance equity and justice in little ways every day, and to uplift those who are doing that work in much bigger ways.

True to our name, we have a triple bottom line: beer, people, and planet. Our brewery is powered by renewable energy. And we’re a fair chance brewery — actively seeking to hire people who may otherwise be excluded from the mainstream economy, including people who have experienced homelessness or incarceration. Because everyone in every community should have the opportunity to craft something great.

Triple Bottom Brewing: About Us

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