Mad Elf on the Shelf Fundraiser

Mad Elf on the Shelf Fundraiser

Mad Elf Fundraiser

With the latest spat of mandates and changes by Governor Wolfe for Pennsylvania breweries, restaurants, and bars, around fifty (50) front of the house employees at Troegs Craft Brewing have been laid off. On top of that several others have taken wage cuts to help the brewery out during these times.

So to help these employees out, a GoFundMe page was started by Alle Confair. You can find the GoFundMe here: Mad Elf Fundraiser – GoFundMe to Help Troegs Employees.

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Front of the house employees at Troegs Brewing

The fundraiser was posted and started today. They are looking to make 25,000$ for all of the employees as a whole. (Edited: As of the morning of 12.16.20, they are up to 2,225$ of the 25,000$ goal.)

You can read the description on the GoFundMe here:

“Come one, come all,

Help raise some holiday cheer;

Your local Tröegs beertenders are facing their worst fears.

As the corona-virus continues to take,

It is our turn to give back to those who are at stake.

A small token of faith can make a big change,

Especially for those suffering with no wage.

Let us locals pay it forward to make someone’s day,

Together we have the power to save another’s holiday.

Let us propose a toast from afar,

Until we meet again across the Tröegs bar.

Cheers from our Mad Elf on the Shelf!

Please consider making a donation to those who heavily rely on service tips for their income and livelihood. As the hospitality industry continues to suffer extreme hardship, all we can do is try to find ways to support each other. Thank you and Happy Holidays from ours to yours!

Graphic Design by: Caroline Voorhis
Instagram: cv_designs”

We here at The Beer Thrillers know several people in the above picture, as well as several other employees at Troegs Brewing, I myself have been temporarily furloughed until January 4th as well. So we here know how hard and difficult of a time this, especially with the holidays, and the New Year, and the uncertainty of the pandemic and the virus and everything going on. This is a very scary and uneasy time for so many people.

So we are hoping if you are reading this, you are able to donate, or at least share and help where you can. Thank you!

Cheers everyone, and lets remember, we are all in this together! Help your local breweries during these tough times at the holidays!

Happy Holidays.

-B. Kline

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