Welcome to the new – The Beer Thrillers Site

Welcome to the new – The Beer Thrillers Site

So we’ve finally made the move and migrated over. Tried to get this started and done on New Years Eve (December 31st 2020) but sadly it just didn’t happen (typical 2020). BUT…. did get the new domain and everything started on the 1st and 2nd of January and the new year – 2021. BUT…. again… it took me forever to migrate and move things over.

It still looks a little bit hectic around here (especially behind the scenes) and cosmetically we need a few new paints and plug-ins and other dealies to really get the new site jumping. But, we are officially moved over. And this also marks the first *NEW* post of 2021. We have several posts that will publish and be back-dated since they were written and started back in December and early January while we were capped on our bandwidth, I will make sure they are visible and easy to find. But this marks the first new post for 2021 and the first new post for the new site.

So be sure to update all of your bookmarks and everything, we are no longer at thebeerthrillers.home.blog but are now instead at: https://thebeerthrillers.com/

The move now means we have our own full domain hosting, our own full site, and no longer operating on just the old little WordPress blogging that we started with. I started the blog in May 2019, and we hit our bandwidth cap just shy of the end of December 2020. Over those two years, we had nearly 300 blog posts (due to editing and changes and back-dating, it will appear as over 300; and its been more than 300 written, but things get changed, moved, edited, and the process sometimes makes things get moved around). Our first year (2019) (May – December) we hit 27K views. In 2020 (January – December) we hit 58K (nearly 59K). Already in just January 2021, before the full migration – the old site (without posting to it or editing the blog) has already gotten near to 400 posts. We have worked our way up on FeedSpot’s Top 100 Beer Blogs to #9, and Pennsylvania’s Top 40 Blogs at #11.

This move will allow a lot more visitors to have access to the site, it will improve our search engine results with Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc. It will also give us a lot more features to play around with. We can do polls, quizzes, surveys, and a whole host of other things. And we will likely take full advantage of a lot of these features going forward. I know I’d love to set up a March Madness type bracket thing come March this year, and see how that goes.

Like I said above, we have quite a few articles to move over yet from the drafting phase that will get published and backlogged, as well as many new articles freshly written to be posting in the near future. With the move, you can expect to see a lot more articles coming from us.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited, followed, liked, and subscribed, I would also like to say I am eagerly awaiting to getting to play around with the new site. And I know Josh is also eager to get to try it out and post some new articles. So you can expect to see a lot more from us here at The Beer Thrillers; thats for sure. You’ll see plenty more from myself (B. Kline), as well as Josh (J. Doncevic) and its looking like AJ Brechbiel (Default Brewing / Rough Edges Brewing), Andy Parys (A.Parys, The Sugar Foot), and hopefully Karl Larsen (ihackbeers) will be joining us as well for more articles from all of them. Also, the extended Beer Thrillers family – Knights of Nostalgia (Drew – along with his crew of streamers; myself, Rome, Kelsey, Rory, and the several others he’s had on his stream) and So a Mexican and a Scot Walk Into a Bar… (the podcast ran by Esteban and Drew, that features myself, Dan, and several others from time to time) are all looking forward to providing more content in the future. So please be sure to check out the site here, as well as their sites, and be sure to also check out our friends from the south (Georgia area) – Let Us Drink Beer blog, as we are looking forward to working with Dave (blog runner for Let Us Drink Beer) and sharing articles back and forth. (Let Us Drink Beer Blog, has written a few articles for us, and we have written a few for them, in an effort to reach a wider audience and collaborate together. You can find some of my articles on their site as The Beer Thrillers or B. Kline, and you can find some of their articles here on our site under Let Us Drink Beer).

As always, we provide a wide range of topics and discussions here on The Beer Thrillers blog. We have beer reviews, brewery reviews, travelogues, beer education, home brewing articles, book reviews, beer and brewery events, brewery and craft beer news, as well as articles on growing hops, lantern flies, and other topics related to the beer industry, and much much more. You can also always contact us by using our CONTACT PAGE – THE BEER THRILLERS.

Thank you everyone for visiting, following, reading, sharing, and liking us, and staying with us through this move. It is so greatly appreciated. All of you readers out there are why we write and maintain this site. Thank you so much!

Happy New Years everyone, and welcome back to indoor dining in Pennsylvania. So be sure to go out and support your local breweries, they certainly need all the help they can get right now! (If you still feel unsafe dining indoors, you can always do to-go and take out and order beer to-go, most breweries are offering some form of to-go, either growler or crowler fills or four or six packs to go.)


-B. Kline

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