Beer Review: 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)

Beer Review: 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)

The 40th Anniversary Hoppy (IPA) Ale from Sierra Nevada with the Pastrami Hash at The Warwick Hotel in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Like I said in my Icicle beer review yesterday; I would ATTEMPT to do an evening beer review or article. Attempt would be the key word. Because I started one, and still have it here on the docket, but I’ve now switched to doing this beer review, because the other article was becoming too depressing. I started writing up an article about the effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) will be having on the beer industry, restaurant industry, and breweries in general. Stuff like how the Prototype Invitational Brewfest was postponed (until August), and how most likely the AC Beerfest will be postponed as well (their making an announcement on Monday).

So many things and events are being postponed, cancelled, or affected in some way by the virus. Look at sports – NHL and NBA suspended their seasons indefinitely. The NCAA tournaments cancelled. MLS and XFL also announced their seasons suspended indefinitely (XFL outright cancelling the remainder of their season). MLB has announced their stopping pre-season and postponing opening day for at least two weeks and will reevaluate after that. WrestleMania 36 is still currently on for April 5th in Tampa Bay; but will most likely be postponed as well. Travel bans coming in and out of certain countries. Schools closing for weeks. Colleges and universities switching to online instruction only. Things are serious with this.

Many breweries and restaurants have announced on their social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) their new taproom policies, or reinforced their stance on cleanliness, etc. Breweries like Troegs, Tree House, Trillium, etc, have all made such announcements. Flying Dog has closed their taproom.

So instead of being depressing and upsetting, and instead trying to bring some entertainment, lightness, and happiness into these bleak, troubling times (and since I have no eggs to present you), I offer you a beer review instead.

Yes, I know, not much of an offering, but at least its something, and who knows, maybe it’ll take your mind off of things. So, I present you with this – the 40th Anniversary Hoppy Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing.

40th Anniversary Hoppy Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing

Beer: 40th Anniversary Hoppy Ale
Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Style: IPA – American
ABV: 6%
IBU: 65
Untappd Description: Hop-forward beers weren’t popular when we started brewing in 1980. But we loved them, and knew that if we were going to open a brewery, we’d better make something distinctive. It’s been 40 years since then, and we’re still brewing what we love. This beer showcases the bold flavors and aromas of a classic West Coast IPA: intense pine and citrus with a deep gold color and slight caramel sweetness. Here’s to following your passion, and to the next 40 years.

First off, lets discuss the food. I met my mom at the Warwick Hotel in Hummelstown for dinner. She ordered the chicken alfredo and I ordered the pastrami hash. It was incredibly delicious and amazing. Super spicy, but extremely good. So if you get the chance to try it at the Warwick, I fully recommend you do.

Now, onto the beer.

Appearance is a light colored IPA. Not quite the full darker hued amber-ish look of a typical West Coast IPA; but certainly nothing reminiscent of hazy New England IPAs either. Almost like a fair compromise between the two. Its light bodied, it has a small white to off white head with interspersed and varied bubbles, and it leaves a nice lacing down the pint glass. Wonderful appearance.

Aroma is pretty light. Some good hoppy notes of citrus, tropical, a small bit of piney and foresty smells. Bit of earthy notes. The citrus and pine out power the other notes but you do get a bit of a malt, caramel or carmalized malt smell at the end.

This is a simple, refreshing, easy to drink beer (especially when eating a spicy dinner). There’s nothing super outstanding or grandstanding about this beer, but its a great dinner beer. It meets all of its criteria perfectly. This is a clean, crisp, clear, tasty, quality refreshment. Its sweet, its hoppy, its honestly a middle-point compromise between a true West Coast style IPA and a New England style IPA. There is some very good hoppy notes to this; you get citrus, pine, in pretty good abundance, with just a pit of tropical hop notes peeking through. There is a sweetness to this. Nothing cloying or too overly sweet, just the right amount of caramel malt sweetness. This provides just the right balance with the hops.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75
Global Untappd Rating: 3.75 (as of 3.13.20)

(not often my rating exactly matches with the rating of the beer, thats pretty cool)

Hopefully this review found you happy, gave you some kind of entertainment, helped you take your mind off these troubling times. If so, then it did its job. Lets not panic, lets all stay calm, enjoy Friday the 13th, lets relax, deep breathe, and enjoy some good beers.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you tomorrow for Kegs and Eggs. Be sure to come out and support a great cause!

Cheers everyone!

-B. Kline

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