Beer Review: Gotta Get Up to Get Down (WISEACRE Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Gotta Get Up to Get Down (WISEACRE Brewing Company)

Gotta Get Up to Get Down, Milk Coffee Stout by WiseACRE Brewing Company

Always a good idea to do a review… by drinking beer. Like when you brew beer, you need to be drinking a beer to do it. Just laws of nature really. So while I was writing last night’s NewFangled Brew Works: Pils beer review, I was sipping on this, and it was tasting mighty good.

A small beer mail trade package

A few weeks ago I did a local for local beer trade setup through the Home Brew Talk Network. I sent quite a bit of Boneshire Brew Works, Tattered Flag, Troegs Independent Craft Brewing, and Pizza Boy, and received the above from the Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina region.

I had previously had the Adjective Animal by WISEACRE Brewing Company and did a review. And I also had the Crosstown Brewing Company’s Boat Drinks: Pina Colada and did a review as well. I just cracked the Paradise Lost by Southern Prohibition, so you can most likely look forward to seeing a beer review of that in the near future.

Gotta Get Up to Get Down

Beer: Gotta Get Up to Get Down
Brewery: WISEACRE Brewing Company
Style: Stout – Milk / Sweet
ABV: 5%
IBU: 15
Untappd Write-Up: Enormous amount of Metropolis coffee straightens out the milk stout.

Appearance is a black brownish stout. It has the look, taste, texture, and head of a nitro beer. Its silky smooth looking, leaving a very distinct lacing. It has a big brown robust head that has lots of fine to large bubbles and craters along the top. It looks like the krausen in an open fermenting tank.

Aroma is what you would expect of a milk / sweet stout… but with a twist! Very heavy coffee aroma. Powerful, kicking in the front door and requiring things of you, strong coffee aroma. Like that one teacher’s breath first thing in the morning when you were in high school as he yelled at you for being late to class… …but… with a sweet after-smell. There is notes of sugar, lactose, of the roasted malts, notes of a bit of caramel and overall a sweetness that after the upfront smell of the coffee is very interesting, very soothing.

Taste is …whew… a punch and a mixture and a nice gentle hug afterwards telling you everything will be ok again. There is a very weird first sip, but it blends well afterwards. It is super smooth, super bubbly, very much as if it was a nitro. Not quite sure how thats pulled off, especially since its a regular can, no “nitro can” like Left Hand Brewing or Guinness Brewing have released. But there is a cold brew coffee upfront taste that is really strong, and then it just quickly blends and melts into this super sweet, super smooth, super sugary, super lactose, like sweet stout. The two different tastes; the coffee with its bitterness, and the lactose and sugar heavy sweetness combine to make one very interesting stout. Its almost hard to describe in a way just how all the flavors act, blend, concoct, and create a very unique beer. This is definitely one of the more interesting and distinct beers I’ve had in a very long time. I would highly recommend everyone who is able to find WISEACRE beers to try and locate this one; just for its uniqueness and distinct flavor.

My Untappd Rating: ***.75-**** (I legitimately went back and forth on this for this beer, and if I was a “Supporter” on Untappd, and able to use the tenths to rate things, I’d probably rate this anywhere from 3.80-3.95 or so.)
Global Untappd Rating: 3.99 (as of 11.24.19)

As some of you might be aware (those who read the blog consistently); we have recently added a home brewing section. Led by AJ Brechbiel and his Default Brewing. We are very grateful to have him and his fellow brewers who will be offering a lot of sage advice, insights, thoughts, opinions, and lots of other valuable information for home brewers (as well as people who would just like to read about brewing, the creation of beer, etc.) He wrote their introduction today, and you can find that blog posting here: Cheers from Default Brewing!. So be on the lookout for more articles from him and the brewing team from Default Brewing. I have it from a good source (….ok… AJ told me this himself) that he is looking towards writing a big article post each Sunday with occasional smaller blog entries throughout the week on random dates/times. So you will definitely get plenty to read!

So stay tuned everyone, there is a lot going on here at The Beer Thrillers and we hope you sit back, grab a nice cold drink, and enjoy reading what all we have to offer!

-B. Kline

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