Beer Review: Secret Machine – Key Lime & Tangerine (Dewey Beer Company)

Beer Review: Secret Machine – Key Lime & Tangerine (Dewey Beer Company)

Secret Machine – Key Lime & Tangerine by Dewey Beer Company (at The Gin Mill in Lebanon, PA)

Ok, final review from my time at the Gin Mill in Lebanon. And still working on my 30 for 30, Day # 9. Yesterday’s I kinda uploaded with little fanfare, through it up at 1PM, didn’t do much of the marketing behind it, and right after it dropped, J. Doncevic’s dropped. Mine uploaded at 12:56 and his uploaded at exactly 1:00. I didn’t quite mean to line it up that way, it just kind of did, and I didn’t mean to not do much fanfare. But for some reason it was a struggle to write yesterday’s. I think I was in one of those ‘funk’ ‘mood’ things. So therefore it felt like pulling teeth to get that review out. Yesterday was just a weird day overall I suppose. But it is out, and you can check it out here: There’s Nuttin’ Butter Than a Nice Pair of Cam Pants Review. And if you missed it, you can check out J. Doncevic’s review from yesterday here: EBK – Gashadokuro (Ghost 782) – Adroit Theory. It is getting lots of views and people loved his review, so be sure to check it out!

So back to the review on hand…. last monday after work I stopped at the Gin Mill in Lebanon PA. I had two Toppling Goliath beers: King Sue and Intergalactic Warrior. This was the third beer I had that night before heading home. And all three beers were top notch fantastic beers. This was about as perfect as a sour can get, and the other two were about as perfect as a DIPA and a IPA can get. It was a good night.

If you ever go to Rehobeth Beach or Dewey Beach or Lewes Beach you need to find time to stop at Dewey Beer Company. Its a small restaurant and brewery, that is kind of easy to miss. It sits on Rt. 1 but it looks kinda -shack like – which doesn’t sound like the best descriptor for its location, but its somewhat accurate. In the last year or so they’ve been killing it with both their sour game an their IPAs. Their sours are getting constant good reviews (they are typically called Secret Machine – X) and often muled back to places by someone who traveled down. They also show up at a lot of beer shares and beer trades. So be on the lookout for them if you are interested in some good sour beers. You can check out their Untappd page here: Dewey Beer Company on Untappd.

Beer: Secret Machine – Key Lime & Tangerine
Brewery: Dewey Beer Company
Style: Sour – Fruited
ABV: 6%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: A sour combination of hybrid citrus fruits resulted in a spritzy and tangy Secret Machine.

This is a beautiful light yellow, effervescent, sparkling, bright glowing yellow. It looks like most lighter fruited sours. Where the berry sours typically have a purplish or bluish hue, the sours that rely on lime, or orange or peach or tangerine or lemon have a bright yellow going to orange look. (Mango IPAs and sours usually have a bright orange look, and ones with guava typically have a pinkish hue.) There is a small ring of a head, fine but there, not really necessary for a good sour but nice to see.

Aroma is very sharp tartness, very heavy lime, and a fair amount of the tangerine. It makes for a nice sour tart blast to your nostrils. The smell is enticing and the beer is so beautiful that it calls to you right away to drink it.

And you will be so glad you did. This is a delicious beer. It is tart with a fair amount of puckering, but not too tart to be off putting or too sour. There is a very strong key lime and citrus flavor to this, the tangerine then comes in and provides a nice fruity burst to the beer. The two compliment each other perfectly, the lime and the tangerine make an excellent combination. Providing both tartness and fruitful flavor the two work in great unison to provide one heck of a fantastic beer. Sour but fruited, citrusy but interesting, tart but juicy, lemony and lime but also with various other notes and flavors; this is just an extremely well rounded beer.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 4.07 (as of 11.9.19)

Last night I met my friend D. Scott who I do the podcasts for (WTF Did I Just Watch) (and soon to be video game one) and we went to The Manor along Rt. 39 where I had AuZealand by Boneshire Brew Works followed by New Trails: Broken Heels. I’ve had AuZealand several times and did a review for it previously. But the New Trails was a new beer (and my new beer for the day, still maintaining at least 1 new beer per day, and 1 new blog post per day). So that will likely be the next review up. So look for that tomorrow.

Until then everyone, keep drinking, keep tipping, and drive safe!

-B. Kline

Secret Machine – Key Lime & Tangerine by Dewey Beer Company

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