Beer Review: Walkers Station Stout (Pretoria Fields Collective)

Beer Review: Walkers Station Stout (Pretoria Fields Collective)

Walkers Station Stout by Pretoria Fields Collective

So after a long day at work yesterday (my monday) followed by a Halloween / remembrance party at a friend’s house I’m back at it this morning. Got to keep the streak alive and continue going 30 for 30. Can’t let you all down now. So I’m hitting the ground running with a wonderful stout I had the other day from Pretoria Fields Collective. I had received this can in a beer mail trade a few weeks ago.

Pretoria Fields Collective is a micro-brewery from Albany Georgia. You can check their Untappd page here: Pretoria Fields Collective. They have 79 unique beers with a global rating of 3.68 out of 9,257 ratings.

From the beer mail I received a nice collection of South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina beers. And I’m working my way through them, and I thought since the day was cold, it’d be nice to warm up with a delicious stout.

The back of the Walkers Station Stout can

Beer: Walkers Station Stout
Brewery: Pretoria Fields Collective
Style: Stout – American
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: (blank)

This was a perfect beer to enjoy on a cold, misty, ugly, Halloween Thursday afternoon waiting for the kiddos to get done from school and to inform them that no trick or treat was happening that day. (Don’t worry, we went to Pizza Boy where they absolutely had a blast – you can read about that in my St. Thomas review.)

After cracking it open and pouring her, which had a fantastic and wonderful amount of carbonation by the way, you are hit with the roasted malts. You get all kinds of notes of roasty and toasty malt action; caramel and chocolate a bit, some coffee, but you can tell you’re in for a nice bitter blended stout here just from first whiff.

Appearance is as per usual with stouts – dark black, with a very heavy dense foamy head to it. Its a creamy rich head, light brown, with lots of carbonation letting it retain for quite a while.

And taste is exactly what you expect from the appearance and aroma of this. You immediately get a deep, resonating heavy bitter, heavy roast, every toasted, malty stout. You get bitter, you get roasty, you get toasty, you get all that you expect from the dark malts and dark grains. Its got a heavy mouthfeel but not cloying or too thick, just enough to make it a good thick stout, not too thick that you are chewing it down.

My Rating: ***.75
Global Rating: 3.8 (as of 11.3.19)

Going strong so far, 3 days into November, and 3 posts done. Somewhat keeping up with my goals and challenges I’ve set for myself this month (though I missed my step-goal of 10K every day in November last night/yesterday by 1200~ {ended somewhere at 8.8K} but I did get a walk in in the morning for 2 miles, and with the party, I’m not too bummed by missing my total).

Please keep hanging in there with me and see if I can make it 30 for 30. Fingers crossed. So far I’m 3 for 3. That just means 27 more to go. I got this!

-B. Kline

(EDIT: [12.17.19]: For our good friends at Let Us Drink Beer blog, as a guest writer, I have uploaded this review for their blog as well, to go alongside their review. The review on their blog is mostly the same as this, with just a few changes. You can read my beer review here: Beer Review: Walker Station Stout (Pretoria Field Collective). Let Us Drink Beer also did a review on this [hence why I uploaded this review to their site], you can read theirs here: Pretoria Fields Collective – Walker Station Stout. Make sure to check them both out and show their blog some love. Thanks everyone!)

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