Beer Review: Confectioner Series 002 – Key Lime Pie White Ale (D9 Brewing Company)

Beer Review: Confectioner Series 002 – Key Lime Pie White Ale (D9 Brewing Company)

Confectioner Series -Key Lime Pie (White Ale) by D9 Brewing Company

Yea…. not the greatest picture, but you’ll have that. This was another of the random beers drank at D.Scott’s last Saturday night. So not really a planned on beer review, but since I had this, and enjoyed it so much, and already did one for Spundae, by Spring House, from the same night, so I figured, why not do another from the night. So yea, the picture is kind of a low-key while we were drinking snapped one of the can kinda picture. Make do with it. I got no picture of the beer because I drank it straight from the can. So I won’t discuss the appearance. But I can definitely discuss the aroma and the taste.

So as I said in the Spundae review, me, Dan, and D.Scott were hanging out at his house drinking after work, and they had gotten some craft beers from a local distributor, and then we went on to drink the crap pounders like Natty Daddy and Naturdays and Miller Lites.

Beer: Confectioner Series 002 – Key Lime Pie White Ale
Brewery: D9 Brewing Company
Style: Traditional Ale
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: None
Untappd Write-Up: Limited Edition Confectioner Series #2. White Ale with Key Lime

Appearance, well, like I said, I drank straight from the can, so we’re just going to move on from this (sadly), and just head straight into aroma. Which this smelled just like a key lime pie, very heavy lime, nice breadyness to it. There were underlying subtleties as well but coming from the can and in the outdoor environment of my friend’s house with a fire going, I wasn’t able to fully pick everything up. No hop aroma (none needed), not really a malt note of any sort, mostly just lime and crust-like breadyness. Perhaps some coconut and vanilla in there, but hard to distinguish.

Taste was very delicious, very sweet, slight tartness, with a good and balanced measure between the two. Pretty much as described, as traditional key lime pie would taste. Not a whole lot of new ground broken, but just a nice, simple, flowing, tasty beer that exactly matched its description, which happened to be the flavors I like. No off tastes, no bad characteristics, no aftertaste, no astringency. Spot on brewing process. Spot on taste. Spot on aroma. This is how a beer is supposed to be. Made to be what it is, made to be done right, crafted right, and created well. Made from beginning (recipe) to end (canning) and all done perfectly. A very enjoyable beer. Not high ABV, so crushable, and with how good and refreshing, and crisp, and tasting it was, I could easily see myself pounding down a 4-pack of these. A great patio beer hanging out with friends.

My Untappd Rating: ****.25
Global Untappd Rating: 3.53 (as of 9.20.19)

This weekend, (Sunday), hitting up the Lititz Brewfest with my friend Quinn, so hopefully sometime in the days following I’ll have an event happenings of that to post. (Also will be posting that to Breweries in PA), so be sure to look out for that.

Keep on drinking amigos!

-B. Kline

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